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TikTok: is it fad or the emerging standard in social media

TikTok. Depending on who you speak to some may say it is the sound of a grandfather clock in the hallway or the fastest-growing social media platform in recent years. But is it a fad or an emerging new platform which SMEs need to take note of? Let’s look at it.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking platform which allows users to share musical content for the amusement of others and themselves. A popular trend on TikTok is to participate in challenges where users make their own videos with songs which have been selected for the challenge. This platform’s mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy.

According to a report conducted by WorldWideWorx in partnership with Ornico, TikTok is the fastest growing platform in South Africa, jumping from five million to nine million users over the last year. Its growth has been driven by younger demographics, but more people in the 25 – 44 age groups joined during lockdown.

How to use TikTok to market your brand?

TikTok users fall into the category Generation Z and if this is your target market than you may want to look into how to use TikTok to promote your brand. The key difference between TikTok and other social networking platforms is that the feed will be filled with famous TikTokers as well as TikTokers who have only had a few views. So, it is not so reliant on followers to be seen on your target audience’s feed.

Here are a few tips from Sonja Detrinidad, a popular TikToker:

1. Be yourself

The community on TikTok appreciate if you are authentic and present yourself with no masks.

2. Make people laugh

As described in the mission of TikTok, the community want to feel joy and having a good laugh brings joy to your soul.

3. Add value

Ensure that what you do on TikTok has value for your audience. They want to have learnt something or if they ask a question then you need to answer them.

4. Be relatable and relevant

As with any other social media platform, it is important that the content you produce is relevant to the audience and they can relate to what you say and do. 

5. Don’t sell

TikTok is a social media platform built on community and people will quickly avoid you if you go for the hard sell. Rather encourage and assist them and when they are ready to buy you will be top of mind.

Finally, TikTok is the new social media platform on the block and looks like it is here to stay. It is a great platform for products and services aimed at the Generation Z and by using challenges you can get the attention you need from your target audience.

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