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How to choose the best printer for your SME

Article provided by Seartec

Trying to match the right copier/printer to your business can be quite overwhelming.  Do you choose a cheaper model and hope that it meets your current business requirements, or do you go for the new, pricey model and presume that it will be better in functionality?

Here’s how to navigate your way around the world of copiers.

1. Speed

This is the number of copies that can be copied in one sitting and is normally one of the first requirements discussed.  Generally, 3 to 10 people sharing the same machine would require a print/copy speed of 25 to 45 pages per minute.  You need to ensure that the unit you choose is sufficient for your operational needs.

2. Volume

Volume is the number of pages the unit can process per month.  Printers are grouped into categories – Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) for occasional use, low volume, mid volume, high volume, and commercial devices.  It’s important to estimate the output of the copier.

3. Copier Use

It’s also important to consider what the device will used for i.e., will you be printing or copying brochures and flyers or invoices and schedules.  This will help in making the decision on whether you need a black and white or a colour unit.

4. Network Capability

The ability to interface your copier/printer with your office network is a massive advantage.  You will be able to print directly from your computer and by linking your equipment to your office network, it enables you to store your documents electronically. This saves on space-consuming paper storage. A network-connected copier/printer becomes a quality scanner giving you the ability to scan directly to your email or computer. Consider whether this is a feature required for your everyday operations.

5. Features

Sorting features can be found on most copiers/printers, and many will have stapling options. This  saves you time by not having to staple your documents.

Automatic duplexing is a good way to save paper and reduce your budget.  This feature allows two-sided printing and is not only more efficient but results in more professional-looking documents.

To copy many documents an automatic feeder is a must. 

6. Purchasing options

In today’s economic climate you should be considering more flexible ways of funding your office automation units.  Leasing your copier/printer provides a much-needed tax-break and offers the option to upgrade at end of contract.

7. Rental options from Seartec

Everything about the way you conducted business changed with the arrival of COVID-19, so Seartec changed its copier/printer rental options to reflect this change. Our customers are no longer limited to either a 36- or 60-month rental option.  We proudly offer a range of short-term flexible rental options, including a 30-Day Notice option giving you the freedom to put your money where it counts and save on operational expenses.   

We will conduct a free on-site needs analysis and total cost of ownership for your business and present you with an obligation-free proposal. Our aim is to provide you with a proposal aligned to your budget with no hidden fine print, and no hidden escalation clauses.

Seartec also has the added benefit of providing in-house financing.

We have been in the office automation industry for over 50 years, servicing thousands of customers and are 100% confident that we can meet and exceed your requirements.

Seartec is a proud Partner of the NSBC