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Multifunctional printers: multitasking powerhouses for SMEs

Article provided by Seartec

Why does your small business need a multifunctional printer (MFP)?  MFPs can copy, print, scan and fax which means your business would have access to all these features in one machine.  At first glance they look like an ordinary copier, but inside they’re a one-stop superhero who can boost your efficiency while saving you money. 

Small businesses always seem to do a lot with very little and having access to one of these powerhouse printers will give you solutions that will make your working day a lot easier.

How can having an MFP in your business help:

  • Copy: Gone are the days of having individual machines for different tasks,  MFPs have advanced features to control your copies.
  • Scan: Scanning documents brings you out of the dark ages and into the digital age.  MFPs have security features that will protect your scanned documents.
  • Print: No longer do you just copy a document, you can add the finishing touch of punching holes or stapling to name a few. 
  • Fax: Fax machines are not quite as popular as they were, but should you have customers still using this mode of communication – you’re sorted.

Adding an MFP to your business would give you improved efficiency, a slick workflow, save you space and provide a printer with features specifically suited to your business needs.  When purchasing or renting make sure your choice best suits your budget.  If you rent a machine, consumables and repairs are usually taken care of in a maintenance agreement.  It’s important to make sure the machine you choose is compatible with your existing software and network.

Adding an MFP to your business will:

Increase productivity

Today’s equipment is faster and more powerful than older models, which will enable you to complete several print jobs in a fraction of the time. 

Improve energy efficiency

Although more powerful than older models, you’ll see a difference in your overhead costs as they do not require as much electricity to operate, which is also a big plus on being more environmentally friendly.

Easy to use

Most new MFPs have been designed with ‘ease of use’ in mind.  The control panels are generally easy to understand, and new users should not find them difficult to operate.  Most MFPs are able to store several job settings which can be recalled at the press of a button.

Produce quality documents

With the various finishing options available for these units, it’s easy to impress with documents printed on equipment that is able to produce professional quality finishes.

You don’t need to panic if your company grows and you start producing larger workloads. 

How MFP can help you overcome your growing pains:

They have optional features available

With the right copy/print feature your copy jobs are child’s play.  For instance, by adding an Automatic Document Feeder or a Reverse Document Feeder you eliminate the need to copy each page individually, saving you valuable time.

You will have superpowers

The image editing powers in these machines is pretty impressive.  You will be totally in charge of your copies and workflow.  Your documents will look more professional without breaking the bank.  If you’ve always wanted to add a watermark to personalize your documents, now you can.

You will have an indispensable multitasker

Nowadays there are very few copiers that just copy, most can copy, print, scan and fax.  Nearly all have the ability to scan directly to email, which is imperative in this day and age.  You would be able to scan a document to your computer all whilst making a copy of another document.

As a small business you need solutions that pack the biggest punch and MFPs fit the bill perfectly.

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