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The importance of e-commerce and online marketplaces for SMMEs

Article provided by Telkom

About 62% of the $4.29 trillion in global e-commerce sales in 2020 was spent on the Top 100 online market places.

Using a major e-commerce or online marketplace platform to sell their goods and services can allow businesses to increase their visibility through lead generation tools. Increasing a business’ online visibility is crucial in terms of helping a business to thrive in the digital economy.

Elevating SMMEs through e-commerce and online marketplaces

E-commerce platforms are good way for small businesses to expand their reach and optimise their brand. This also creates new revenue opportunities as businesses can now cater to a larger market.

Online marketplaces provide SMMEs with an opportunity to market and sell their products and services on a wider channel.

Building an online presence

Since the business is already on an e-commerce platform or marketplace, this can easily generate search engine traffic bringing more visitors on to their website.

Search engine traffic creates room for businesses to cut down on the costs of marketing their products or services.

Evolving the customer experience

Going digital not only presents a multitude of marketing opportunities for SMMEs but it also helps them to improve the overall customer experience. Through the use of web analytics, businesses are able to understand their customers better, creating a more personalised experience for consumers.

Online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms use data analytics to create onsite personalisation to enhance the customer experience. Some online platforms also use Augmented Reality (AR) which allows consumers to view and interact with the products as if the products were in their hands or in their home.

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