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TechZoo Corporation launches Nagging Panda to help businesses deal with late payers

Article provided by Nagging Panda

TechZoo Corporation and serial entrepreneur Elan Lea launches Nagging Panda as a solution business owners and financial managers didn’t know they needed but won’t be able to live without.

Nagging Panda is an essential business tool for faster invoice payments and higher quote acceptance rates, that provides simple and effective automation functionality, that reminds and nags customers for invoice payment and quote responses, without ever having to pick up the phone or send another manual email or text message ever again.

Nagging Panda has various solutions including their automated invoice reminders to make the difference in getting their subscribers paid. Choosing possibly the most lovable animal as the name and logo, your accounts department attaches a Panda to invoices to encourage prompt payment. Consistent automated communication by SMS or email – Before, On, and After the invoice due date.

No time in the day to follow up on hard-earned quotes? Not anymore. Nagging Panda will do it all for you. Set up your Panda and never drop another quote ever again. Generate more revenue and save time.

TechZoo has thought of everything – They are aware of how many business owners write off money because they are unable to find a collector or they’re just too busy or too tired. Nagging Panda is your answer. Send your debt to the debt collector through Nagging Panda right away or even set an instruction in your Panda to send an invoice to the debt collector if it remains unpaid after a number of days that you set.

For the convenience of your customers, Nagging Panda also offers an easy method to pay on time. All the Nagging Panda user needs to do is add the Nagging Panda Pay Button to their invoices and it will be included in all customer invoice communications.

Timing and tone matter. Businesses need to communicate timeously with customers. Nagging Panda looks at the three main life phases of an invoice or quote. Before, on, and after the due date of your invoice or the expiry date of your quote. 

To facilitate efficiency while keeping costs down, Nagging Panda is available in two modes: Integrator and Creator. In Integrator Mode “Nagging Panda integrates effortlessly with your existing accounting software, quickly pulling in your invoices and quotes that you’ve created in your regular workflow, then seamlessly and automatically Nagging Panda does the dirty work. You can opt for a hands-on approach to this, or what we call set it -and-forget it,” Lea notes.

“As a Creator, you’ll use Nagging Panda’s Creator option to set up your Accounts Receivables to create invoices, quotes, credit notes, customer statements, Debtor ageing and more,” says Lea, adding that this enables businesses to keep track of accounts receivables and simply assign Pandas to invoices and quotes with maximum flexibility.

With customisable templates and unlimited reminding – or nagging – the software is a boon to businesses of all sizes – and can be what keeps an SME firmly on track to success. “Again,” says Lea, “Nagging Panda saves company resources by being on duty 24/7, 365, it’s your debtors clerks best friend. Goodbye awkward repeat calls”

“We want to bring the greatest value at the lowest cost” says Lea,

“All our Nagging Panda packages come with a 45 day free trial and our Creator mode has a totally free “Freemium Package”.

With subscription fees starting at R399 per month and rising according to the number of invoices, quotes and debt collection required on a monthly basis, the smallest SME can have the same full-service accounting department a large company has, with the power of the Nagging Panda taking on late payers and increasing revenue by following up on quotes with no extra effort from the business.

“With limited cash flow and late or non-payers being among the top threats to your business, we believe we have created a solution that suits any pocket, in any sector, and across all industries,” Lea concludes.

Nagging Panda is a proud Partner of the NSBC