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4 simple ways to optimise your recruitment efforts

Article provided by Pnet

In the quest to find great talent in a highly competitive employment landscape, SMEs offer employees something large corporates can’t – hands-on experience, a range of tasks and functions, and the opportunity to learn at different levels and gain technical/specialist skills. Employees who work for SMEs are also more likely to enjoy strategic conversations and engagement with top management.

SMEs hire differently from corporates in that they rarely have specialist HR practitioners dedicated to handling their recruitment activities. Often, hiring new employees will just be another responsibility that falls squarely on the business owner’s shoulders. And, as a small- or medium-sized business owner, wasting time on anything other than your core business activities can be frustrating and costly. When it comes to hiring, you need to find the right candidate at the right time – and at the right price.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a big corporate to attract and retain the best candidates – you add value just as you are. You do, however, need to recruit differently. Thankfully, some online recruitment platforms now offer smart matching technology that makes the recruitment process both affordable and seamless.

1. Making smarter hiring choices with job adverts

Although recruiters often headhunt by searching a recruitment platform’s database, advertising your job vacancy with a job listing can be more advantageous. This is because with a job advert, your vacancy will get promoted to quality candidates beyond just the registered jobseekers on the database. At Pnet, for example, we offer additional reach through our partner network of aggregators, our own extensive investment in paid media, and over 70 million job alerts that we send via email every month to candidates who’ve registered to receive these. This reach is important because it means that you can connect with new, fresh talent – jobseekers who are actively looking for new opportunities and are ready to move.

Whether you opt to invest in a job listing or simply use the direct search functionality, you can manage your entire recruitment process seamlessly on a specialist recruitment platform: Communicate with candidates directly; comment on candidate profiles, and even rate candidates, and send bulk letters of regret. You can also create talent pools so that you can quickly get back in touch with quality candidates when new vacancies become available.

2. Finding the right partner to help you handle the process

Sifting through CVs, shortlisting candidates and conducting interviews may feel daunting. However, it’s important to resist the temptation to settle on the first available candidate rather than taking the time to find the right person for the job. With the right recruitment partner in place, you can get to the interview stage with minimal disruption to your daily tasks.

At Pnet, we fully know, understand and adhere to best practice when managing the recruitment process for SMEs.  Our Response Handling Team knows how to input your job listing details into the system to ensure that you get the best performance out of your job advert. They can also create suitable shortlists and manage the entire recruitment process on your behalf. All you would need to do is provide us with a detailed job description, your shortlist criteria and a closing date. We will then generate an advert with a link to a uniquely designed questionnaire, structured to your criteria, to rate and score applicants. Our team will shortlist successful applicants and send out regret letters to unsuccessful applicants on your behalf. Successful applicants will be shortlisted in a designated folder for you to review, and you can then decide who you’d like to invite for an interview. 

3. Getting the most out of the technology at your fingertips

Over and above the benefits of investing in a job listing rather than simply searching for candidates on a database, there are also customised solutions or e-commerce options available to get your job listings underway. It is of the utmost importance, however, that you create your job ads in such a way that they are working with the technology to get the best matches for a job vacancy. At Pnet, we train all new recruiters in this, as a value-added service. Moreover, whether you have a single vacancy, or several vacancies advertised, you will get best bang for your buck if you follow our job listing guidelines.

4. Avoiding costly hiring mistakes

Pnet’s Job Ad Competitor Insights tool has been developed to shed light on how your job ads are performing relative to others in their industry. The tool provides businesses of all sizes with real-time insight into what other businesses are doing differently to secure optimal candidate engagement. If needed, you can then choose to try alternative job titles in the future or make other amendments and proactively improve your candidate delivery.

At the end of the day, you don’t need to have a dedicated human resources practitioner in place to make the right connections and find suitable candidates for your vacant roles. What’s more, your job adverts can be both an advertising and a brand-building opportunity. With a dynamic, attractive and stimulating representation of your SME and the vacant position, you will be able to stand out from your competitors – even the big corporates – and attract the very best candidates.

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