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3 ways to build your creative confidence

You are creative. Many people don’t believe they are creative because they aren’t good at the arts but that is only one aspect of creativity. According to the Oxford online dictionary, “creative” means “Relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.” So if you use your imagination and create something new you are creative no matter which industry you work in. In recent times this skill has become more important and we will guide you on how to build your creative confidence.

Your creativity may be stifled by:

The fear of being judged

When we were children or even as an adult, we may have suggested a creative solution to a problem and been judged harshly on our ideas. This may have strengthened our fear of being judged. We need to understand that people will have their opinions on our ideas and we need to judge those opinion based on facts. Besides, we should examine where the comment is coming from. We may be being judged by someone who doesn’t want to see us succeed or we could be being judged by someone who loves us. If it is someone who loves us maybe we can ask them to explain why they feel our idea will be unsuccessful. We shouldn’t be afraid of judgement but rather look at the source and try to have a conversation about why the judgement was given.

The fear of the unknown

Often when we come up with a creative idea it may be in the territory where no-one has been before but we must not let this make us afraid. We need to remove ourselves from our comfort zone and explore the possibility of the new idea. This may also involve mingling with our clients and seeing how they are using our product. By getting better research on how our product is used by our customer we may even get a new use for our product or see how we can tweak our product to better suit our customer. We should not fear what we don’t know but rather be curious about what we may find in these unexplored places.

The fear of the first step

Creatives often talk about the fear of the blank page or the empty canvas or making a prototype. But we need to take action. When we take action we conquer our fear and once we start it may be hard for us to stop on this incredible journey of creating a product which will benefit both our community and us.

So now that we know what fears may be standing in our way we need to look at how to build creative confidence.

STEP 1: Engage in creative exercises

You can use the creative exercises from Ideo to help you to build your creative confidence. Some of these exercises can also help to stimulate your creative juices before you take on a brainstorming task to create a new solution to a problem you may be working on.

STEP 2: Accept failure as part of the process

Often we may do something and it won’t work out as we had imagined but that’s okay. We need to look at the failure as a lesson on what not to do in the future and move forward. We should also look at what was successful in the failure and build on that. By building on the successful parts you will get to a product which will wow your customers.

STEP 3: Just do it

Procrastination can be the downfall of many good ideas. You need to take action even if it is a small step. Do the small step. Each time we take a small step towards our goal we move closer to success. By pondering our ideas and never taking action we leave the ideas in a wasteland. Therefore you should take a small step each day towards your goal and as the steps develop momentum you will gain momentum and achieve your goal.

Go out there and create the world you always dreamed about because you are creative and have been designed to create.

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