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4 key ways to use AI for lead generation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay and if you want to become competitive in your industry you will need to learn how to use it to your advantage. For business, AI can take a lot of the schlep out of lead generation and leave your salespeople to work on building relationships while AI works on finding the leads. But how can you use AI to help with lead generation?

1. Search for leads: There are AI-powered programmes which will help you to develop your ideal customer with your current data and then look for companies which match your ideal customer profile. You could also look at who your ideal customer is and use one of the prompts below to get a short list of potential leads for your business on ChatGPT:

Find X companies similar to (your ideal company) OR Create a list of companies with the (scope/scale) as (your ideal company name).

2. Create content: Gone are the days of hard selling a product or service to your customer. With the internet, your customer has access to almost all the information they could want about a product. And this is where you can step into your buyers’ journey. You need to create content which speaks to the pain points of your customer and how they can be solved. When thinking about the information you put out about your business, you need to ensure your content is informative and useful. This can put you on the front page of Google and have you top of mind when your customer wants your product to solve their problem.

If you struggle to write content, you can use ChatGP to get an outline for your content and then you can add information from your expertise. You need to be careful when using ChatGP for writing content as some of it may be plagiarised or biased. So, use it for inspiration to write your ideal articles for your target audience.

3. Talking to your customers: As people get more used to an always-on lifestyle, they want quick replies to your queries. You can do this with a chatbot who can answer frequently asked questions but if the questions get too complex for the chatbot, they can send the customer to a salesperson who specialises in the area in question. This will ensure the customer has a positive experience with your product.

4. Get personal: There is a lot of data about people online and with AI’s capabilities to search through all the data, you have no excuse not to get personal with your customer. By using AI to review a person’s profile online, you can learn about what they are interested in, if they have buyer intent, and what other aspects of life they have an affinity for. You can use this information to send the right message to them at the right time.

By using these four key ways to use AI for lead generation, you will get more leads who are easier to close deals on. But there are two aspects you need to look at when considering AI.

Firstly, what is the data like that you have about your clients? If you use AI tools to work through your data, they may come up with wrong assumptions if your data is incorrect or missing. Secondly, when getting personal with people don’t become too personal with them as this may scare them away. Otherwise, use AI wisely and watch your business flourish.

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