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5 critical soft skills every entrepreneur needs

You may have the hard skills to start your new business venture but do you have the soft skills? Soft skills tend to be those skills which are inherent in a person. They are skills which can be practiced through experience and challenging yourself, and cannot necessarily be learnt in a textbook. The following soft skills are critical for an entrepreneur.

1. Focus

You need to be focused. When you are an entrepreneur there are many things which can distract you from your goal. You need to make sure that you focus on your business. When you are tempted to do something you need to weigh it against whether it will help you achieve your business goals. If it will not, then you need to delay the activity for your free time. Many entrepreneurs struggle to remain focus as they have many things they are thinking about, but you can manage these through different ways. If ideas come to mind while you are busy with a task write them down and go back to them when you have time. You can also consider doing the Pomodoro method where you set a timer to focus for 25 minutes and then relax for 3-5 minutes or whatever time frame works for you. This will ensure you develop your focus.

2. Time management

This soft skill builds on the skill of focus. You need to ensure you manage your time appropriately. Many people go into entrepreneurship because of the flexibility of time but this can also be the downfall of a flourishing business. It is important to be strict with your time management. You need to ensure you put in the time to see your work flourish. The other side of the coin is entrepreneurs who work consistently on their business and never take a break. This can be detrimental to your health and relationships. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance between business and your other commitments.

3. Agility

When you are an entrepreneur, you may try different things and sometimes things will go wrong. You need to have the ability to move on. If you see a better way to do your business you need to be flexible to move in the new direction. This may sometimes feel uncomfortable but it is important to build a healthy and sustainable business. You can improve your agility by changing the route your travel to the office or visiting a different restaurant once a week. This will help to show that change is not such a bad experience.

4. Self-awareness

Being an entrepreneur you need to understand how you behave in different situations. It is important to be aware of how your emotions affect you and how you can effectively manage them in any given situation. By being aware of yourself you will also be able to curb habits which are not conducive of running a successful business.

5. Teamwork

If you want your company to become a shining star in the business landscape you need to identify your role in the team. You need to lead by example and show your employees what you expect from them. If you behave in a way which is contrary to the way you want your employees to behave they may consider you a hypocrite. Therefore, it is important to lead your team as you would like to be led. This will also develop loyalty from your team and ensure your team is filled with people who want to make the dream work.

By developing these five soft skills you will be well on your way to running a business which you can be proud of.

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