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5 ways to sell virtually

Selling virtually is daunting and many people are scared to go online to sell. They are waiting for the day everything goes back to normal but that day may never come and it is time to embrace virtual selling. Here are five ways to sell virtually.

1. Review your elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a short message about why your customers purchase your product, why it helps them, and the value your offering gives them.  Remember: your customers are not only interested in the price of your product but also other aspects of the product encourage them to buy it from you. This review should also take in the current economic and social environment which you are in and may affect some of the previous beliefs about why people were interested in your product.

2. Create an email strategy

Email is one strategy that is here to stay. If you don’t have an email strategy, now is the time to develop one. This strategy should include a brochure, follow-up emails and newsletters. Remember to only send emails that add value to your customers. If you have a strategy, review the emails and check that the language is suitable for the situation which exists in you and your customers’ current environment. Just a slight change in the tone or the vocabulary you use in your email messaging could improve the chances of a sale.

3. Update your website

It is common knowledge that people like to do their own discovery research online before approaching a salesperson. Make sure that your website is informative and helps your customer get the answers they are looking for. You could insert a chatbot that can help your potential customers should they require it. In addition, you can insert photos or a video demo to show customers how your product or service works. Another area to review is your buyer’s journey. If they are comfortable making an online purchase after they have done their research then you should make the buying process simple for them.

4. Embrace online meetings

Meeting in person is great and there are a lot of opportunities to build rapport through non-verbal cues. Nowadays this is becoming less and less likely to happen and people are preferring to meet online. Therefore it is important to use these meetings to build a relationship with your customer before you get to the selling part. Ensure you use the best method of communicating with your customer. They may prefer phone calls over video calls. You should also take into consideration that there may be many distractions outside of your control which your customer has to contend with. Another aspect to look at is your background environment and that you are dressed in line with your brand when you take a video call.

5. Use the tools

There are many tools online which make selling online easier. For meetings, you can use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or GoToMeeting. If you require customers to sign agreements online you could use DocuSign or PandaDoc. If you would like to create videos for your website or to send video messages to your clients, you can use Vidyard. To help your customers to book appointments with you, you could use Calendly.

By embracing these five different ways to interact with people virtually, you could create a shorter discovery to close timeline for the offerings you have.

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