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50plus-skills: technology & longevity changing the way we navigate the future

Lynda Smith is the CEO for 50plus-skills, a community platform for anyone over 50 to learn, serve and earn in South Africa.

With the advancement of technology and many people living longer lives, the way we navigate our future is changing. With this in mind, Lynda started 50plus-skills because she loves to help people reach their potential and saw a gap in the market for the 50+ generation. She loves to hear the fabulous stories of people at crossroads who have overcome their challenges and have moved forward to feel valued and adding value to their family and society.

One of the biggest challenges which she has had to face as a business is learning that the journey to success is much longer than she anticipated. Perseverance is key to success.

50plus-skills has become Lynda’s purpose and during this time of COVID-19, she has taken the skills she learnt over the past four years and offered free Zoom lessons to people in her community. This has helped her to manage more than 50 Zoom sessions in her area and open more doors for her business.  

Lynda states that “The security of work in the 20th century as an employee is no longer viable. Becoming an entrepreneur and building a small business is within your control. That does not mean it is easy, but with the support of organisations like the NSBC and 50plus-skills you do not have to do it on your own. It is the future of our economy”.

We thank Lynda for continuing to build the confidence of +50 generation in this technology-first era.

50plus-skills is a proud Member of the NSBC

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