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6 best sales productivity tactics

According to a recent report, salespeople only spend a third of their day with their prospects. What are they doing with the rest of their day? This is a question which many business owners may ask and may have cynical answers to. But we are here today to give you some tactics to help you boost your sales productivity.

Before we get into the tactics, there are four elements that form a foundation for these tactics to work.

  • Consistency: It is important to have a basic structure for your sales process which every salesperson should follow. If you see your top salespeople excelling in a certain area of a sales process, you could consider adding it to your basic process.
  • Concentration: Social media, instant messaging, pop-up messages are some of the distractions which can break your concentration. You should strive to limit the number of distractions that will cause your salespeople to lose focus on their daily goals.
  • Innovation: Be aware of the new innovations that are happening in your industry and evaluate if they can help you to improve a process or not. If they can, then you should implement it. Sometimes holding on to how you have done things in the past may be detrimental to your growth.
  • Expectations: Be realistic. With the changes in the economy, salespeople are under huge pressure to meet ever-increasing quotas. It is important to analyse what your strongest and weakest salespeople are achieving and make a reasonable quota for everyone to aim at.

By having these elements in your business, you can start to implement these tactics to improve your sales productivity.

Tactic 1. Analyse your sales process

The first step is to go through your sales process. Make a note of each step and see if there are any ways in which you can improve the efficiency of your process.

Tactic 2: Automate some of your processes.

Find a good customer relations management (CRM) tool to help manage your contacts and the relationship you are building with them. Look for repetitive tasks and then analyse whether they can be automated or should be delegated.

Tactic 3: Batch administration tasks

There will be some admin tasks that you need to do. It is best to batch these tasks for certain times of the day. It is important to complete the critical tasks at the start of the day so that they may not be disrupted by the day’s events.

Tactic 4: Have an excellent onboarding process

Many salespeople find it hard in the first few months at a new company especially if they haven’t been shown the ropes properly. It is smart to have an onboarding process that clearly shows your new salespeople how the sales process works within your business and how they can access the materials they will need to make a successful sale. You could also give them a mentor or have a closed group on social media for your business where new salespeople can ask seasoned employees about matters which may crop in their day-to-day interactions.

Tactic 5: Offer continuous training

Withthe rapid changes happening in the markets, it is crucial to have your salespeople on top of their game. You can offer them training on a new sales method or you can introduce to a new potential customer that may have opened up in the market. These training sessions can also be peer-to-peer as people tend to listen to people who are in the trenches with them.

Tactic 6: Create a resources library

By creating a resources library, you can ensure that all the content which is shared with your market is branded correctly. This will help to build trust within your business. Your resource library should contain templates, information about your products and customer markets, and any other content which is essential for your industry.

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