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6 tactical online marketing opportunities for small business owners

Article provided by Adbot 

As a small business owner, creating your marketing strategy can be a taxing task that often takes your time away from other business tasks. It’s not just the issue of what you want to say to your customers and where to say it, but it’s also about responding and reacting to what’s going on in society and the culture at large.

Given the extra stress the Coronavirus pandemic has put on businesses, staying on top of your marketing calendar for the year can be tough. But we’ve got some good news – we’ve highlighted some of the most important online marketing opportunities throughout the year, just for you. We’ve created a Commerce Calendar. that shares tips on how to set up your campaigns using the type of people as well as the strategies that work best. This means you can have the freedom to focus on what’s really important to you.

Easter – 4 April

Easter is something celebrated across the Western world, but what is particularly interesting is how people are starting to search for more than just chocolate easter eggs online. In fact, search trends are indicating that many people are looking for decor inspiration, recipes and other gift ideas during this time. According to Google, in the UK in 2019, searches for ‘Easter gifts for adults’ grew by 19% and started as early as 14 weeks before Easter itself.

Ramadan – 12 April – 12 May

Ramadan is a special time where family and friends get together and exchange gifts during the holy month. These can take the form of jewellery or sweet treats, but the sky is the limit and people are always looking for more special gifts to give to the people close to them.

Whether your business focuses on gifting, food, décor or fashion – think about what you could offer customers for Ramadan. Being there for them when they’re searching for gifts ideas is a sure fire way to not only create a new customer, but ideally build some loyalty and emotional connection too.

Mother’s Day – 9 May

Finding something really special for Mother’s Day is just what online shopping is made for. In fact, Google stats show that shopping queries for ‘unique Mother’s Day gifts’ have increased by 56% year-on-year. It’s clear the pressure is mounting to get your mom something really incredible

Father’s Day – 20 June

If your business sells home and garden ware, fashion, consumer electronics, gifts and yes – even socks, there’s an opportunity for you to get your brand in front of the right people at the right time. We’d argue that because people are at such a loss to find something great for Father’s Day, by making the job easier for them with some unique gift ideas, you should be able to find great opportunities to make a sale.

Winter Sales Boost – July

Winter can be a tough time for businesses, as consumers batten down the hatches and spend more time inside. However, this doesn’t mean you should go into hibernation too.

Consider what products you have or promotions you could put together that would stave off some of the winter blues and bring warmth to people’s lives. Remember, Google Search Ads are only shown alongside relevant searches people are already making. Think about what you could do that would fit well in these situations.

Black Friday – 26 November

While it began in the USA, Black Friday is fast becoming a global phenomenon. In the UK, for example, Google data shows that many searches relating to Black Friday deals were up by over 100% when compared to the same search interest in 2018.

Black Friday offers you the chance to get out ahead of the peak holiday season where everything gets a little frenetic and crazy as we get closer and closer to Christmas. Another interesting stat from Google: In 2019, 38% of UK shoppers waited until Black Friday to purchase a product. This shows us all just how important this date is in the calendar.

Even though you might think that Black Friday is only for consumer electronics or other packaged goods, it’s worthwhile remembering that people are looking for deals across the board. What are the smart ways you can tailor your offering to them during this time?

If you are looking for more tips on when and how to take advantage of other online marketing opportunities throughout the year view our Tactical Online Commerce Calendar.

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