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6 unique ways to engage with customers online

Technology has made engaging with customers easier but it can also make your customer feel like they are just a number in your money-making mill. Here are some ways to improve your brand’s customer engagement online.

1. Find the face for your brand

Like Steve Jobs was the face of Apple, it is important to have a person who embodies the ideas and values of your business. This person should be the voice of your brand and be an excellent communicator. You should develop them so that they become the thought leader for your business. Secondly, when answering queries or comments from your customers, it is better to have a photo or avatar of the person interacting with the customer than the logo of your business.

2. Create a group or forum

People like to learn from people and what better way than in a group where people share a common interest. By creating a group you can learn more about what people think of your industry and you have a place where you can build trust and loyalty through sharing information about your industry freely and also promoting your products. Just remember to limit the amount of brand promotion you do in your group or forum as this may be off-putting for some people who are in your group to grow and learn about your niche.

3. Host a webinar

Webinars are a great platform to reach your target audience. By having visuals and sharing your passion live, you will draw more customers towards your brand. You can also get your customers to ask questions in the chat function of your webinar room or you can get them to tweet you their questions with a unique hashtag. Try to have a co-host on your webinar who can help you keep track of the questions and also give feedback in the chat while you give your presentation. By interacting with your customers live you can start to build a rapport with them.

4. Do a live Q&A session

Want to learn more about your customers? Why not host a live Q&A session on your social media platform of choice. This will allow you to see what concerns your customers have and you can highlight the way in which your brand could assist them to remove their pain points. You could also learn about where there might be a gap in your niche.

5. Run a contest

Who doesn’t love a competition? You can run a contest by offering a prize for customers who share your post and tag like-minded friends in the comments. This will help to target new customers who may be interested in your brand.

6. Celebrate with your customers

Some people love being part of a team and if you can make your customers feel as though they have assisted reaching in your brand’s milestone they will cheer for your company more. So when you reach certain milestones like “500 likes” or “1 million followers”  or even your “1000 sale” celebrate with your customers.

By following these six ways you will be able to expand your brand online and get greater recognition for your product and services. So go and be seen online.

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