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6 ways to keep selling during tough times

Whether it is load-shedding, economic downturns or a pandemic, there will always be tough times when you are in business, but how can you keep selling during these times. Here are six ways to keep selling during tough times.

1. Have a positive mindset

One aspect which increases during tough times is negative information. It is critical during this time to limit your access to negative information and negative people. There will also be people who will manipulate the news to benefit them and you need to be aware of this. Develop a positive mindset by focusing on inspirational news during this time and surrounding yourself with positive people. You should also listen to upbeat music.

When you do come into contact with negative news, think about who the source is. This will help you to frame the news in a way which is beneficial to you. You need to be aware but you don’t need to make your home in a negative space.

In addition, you should consider what you are saying to yourself. The voice in your head can have a direct effect on how you react and behave towards a sale. Therefore make sure that when you have a negative thought you consider it and try to reframe it. For example: instead of saying “I am struggling with my task”, you could say “Every little bit I do will get me closer to completing my task”

2.  Keep prospecting

You may have to try harder than in the past but you should not give up. Many of your competitors may have already given up but you need to continue prospecting. The more targeted customers you get through your sales funnel the more chance you have to make a sale. Furthermore, you should not consider now that any and everyone is your customer. You still need to be laser-focused on who your target audience is. If you have identified another target audience, then you can focus on them too but remember everyone is not a target audience.

3. Reposition your value

Have the new events in your country or world changed the value your product offers clients? Has a new need arisen that you could fulfil with your product? Brainstorm ideas on how your product or service can be used during this time. If your old values are still relevant then you need to re-market them to the current needs of your customer.

4. Build relationships with your customers

One of the key reasons why a customer deals with a company is because they have a good relationship with a person in the company. Be present and personable. Customers will remain loyal to a business if they like the people who work in the business and they may be more forgiving if you make a mistake. Though don’t test their loyalty by always making mistakes.

5. Up-skill your sales skills

Now is the time to learn more about how to sell effectively. Read books. Listen to podcasts, and attend webinars about how you can improve your sales skills. Assess your skills and try to focus on those skills which you struggle with. The knowledge hub on the Business Show is a great place to learn more about sales and business.

6. Follow-up and be persistent

It has been said that many sales only occur after a few contacts with a potential customer. Therefore if a customer asks a question, follow-up timeously. If they don’t buy, ask if they want to be on your e-mail list and ensure you send out content which adds value to your customer. By being constant and consistent on your social media platforms, website and email, you will get a sale in the long run. 

We hope that these six ways help you to increase your sales. Remember to keep selling and never give up.

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