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7 digital entrepreneurial ideas

With almost everything moving online, there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs to go digital. There may even be ways for entrepreneurs to use the internet to disrupt their industry, but let’s look at seven digital entrepreneurial ideas.

1. Open an e-commerce store

If you have a brick-and-mortar store then this may be the next logical step to take your business online. To open an e-commerce store, you will need a product to sell. After you have the product, you need to consider how you will advertise your store and how you will ship your product to your client. You can host your e-commerce store on a website like Etsy or you could create a stand-alone e-commerce store on your website.

2. Create an online course

Are you a guru in your field? Do you know your industry inside out? Then you may consider sharing your knowledge with others. By doing an online course, you can help to build your voice as a thought leader in the market. You can host your course on Udemy or Skillshare. You could also host your course on Teachable if you already have a community to advertise to.

3. Become a virtual assistant

As a freelance virtual assistant, you will help businesses with their daily business tasks. This can be from answering calls and emails to managing social media pages and creating content. It depends on what skills you have to offer. This is a good option for people who enjoy not having the same day at work every day.

4. Plan digital events

As we have become more comfortable working online, many people have also enjoyed attending webinars or conferences online. Creating digital events online which exceed your customers’ expectations is the way to go. You could organise special event goodie packages to be delivered to the attendees, so they feel like it is a real in-person event. This is a new area which could offer any aspiring event organisers great opportunities.

5. Design an app

Have you had an idea for an application? Why don’t you design it or get someone to design your vision. If you design an app for the public, you can make passive income by offering in-app purchases or a premium version of the app. There are also lots of cost-effective tools available which can help you to design and create the app you need.

6. Take stock photography

Do you have a keen eye? Why not turn your passion for photography into a business? As more businesses go online, they need images to make their website look more enticing. By offering good images which speak to an idea or thought, you can earn royalties every time someone purchases your image to use on their website.

7. Start a cybersecurity company

As businesses move online, the criminals follow. With cybercrime growing, offering products which will keep business data and trade secrets secure is becoming more in demand. To start a cybersecurity company, you will need to have certification in cybersecurity and some basic IT systems knowledge.

These are just a few digital entrepreneurial ideas to get you on your journey to becoming a digital nomad.

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