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7 Holiday marketing ideas for SMEs

‘Tis the season to be jolly. As the twinkly lights are put up and everything becomes covered in red and green, people start to get ready to celebrate the holidays. But how can your small business stand out in the sea of red and green? With a trend of individuals preferring to shop at smaller, local brands or shops; taking advantage of the holiday spend is open to all SMEs with a good marketing plan. Here are seven holiday-marketing ideas to try:

1. Hang up decorations

If you are in a physical shop, you can start to decorate your store slowly until the beginning of December and then you can start playing the carols. As for online businesses, you may consider decorating your website and social media pages with holiday cheer. For the physical decorations, if you pack them away carefully, you can use them for the following years to come.

2. Make your shop non-shopper-friendly

Set up a chair or two where weary shoppers can sit while their companions continue to shop. You could also set up some toys for children if your target audience is moms.

3. Offer gift-wrapping options

You could offer to wrap up the gifts in branded gift wrap or for a nominal fee offer to wrap it in unbranded paper. You could also use material bags to wrap up the present. If you are couriering the gifts, make sure the unboxing is an event. Many people like to share unboxing videos and a beautifully packed box with a hand-written note will add to the wow factor.

4. Create a holiday-only product or service

Depending on the types of goods you sell, will make it easy or challenging to create a holiday-only product. But you could try to change the colour for the holidays or make it a collector’s item. By creating a holiday-only product or service, you will encourage customers to be loyal and enjoy seeing what the new product of the season will be.

5. Develop a gift guide

Do you have different buyer personas? You could create a gift guide for the different customers that you serve with the ideal product or service options that suit them. This is ideal, especially for people who are unsure what to get their friends or family members for Christmas.

6. Send out a greeting card

To stay top of mind during the holidays, why not send your customers a greeting card? This could be a physical card or an e-card but by showing gratitude to your customers and suppliers you will be able to build trust and strength relationships.

7. Run a contest or giveaway on social media

Who doesn’t love to win a prize? Run a contest on social media and ask your customers to take a picture using your product. Or you can ask them to share your giveaway with their audience. You could also collaborate with other brands and create a joint giveaway. You should ensure that the person you collaborate with shares a similar audience as you.

With these seven holiday marketing ideas, you will be sure to bring the season’s cheer to your customers and create happy memories which may last into the new year.

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