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8 best practices for webinars

Digital marketing’s new buzzword is webinars. But what are they and how can you use them to best build your brand? Webinars are online live events which engage with your audience about a topic which is relevant to them. Here are eight best practices to consider.

1. Understand your audience

Before you start to create your webinar, you need to have a clear understanding of who your audience is. What will they want to gain from a webinar? What questions can you answer using the webinar format? Do they like videos? Are they comfortable using technology? Do they watch webinars on their desktop or smartphone or tablet? These questions will help you when you go about creating your webinar. You could put a poll on your social media page if you are not sure about the answers to some of these questions.

2. Choose an appropriate topic

It is crucial that the topic you choose is not too broad or has not been overdone. If you are struggling to identify a topic to discuss in your webinar. You could look at your frequently asked questions or your blog post which has the most clicks on it. Another place is your social media platform and the frequent questions you may be asked there. You could also ask your salespeople what questions they often get asked. This should give you a good selection of topics for your webinar.

3. Choose the correct format for your webinar

  • One expert presenter: One authority on a specific topic gives their insights or tips.
  • A group of presenters: You can either have two experts discuss a topic and giving their opinion and insights or you could even have a panel who discuss the topic.
  • Q&A webinars: This could be a live session where you take questions from the audience and answer them.
  • Interview webinars: You could invite influencers in your field and interview them about their field of expertise.
  • Product demonstration: You could demonstrate how to use your product. This webinar is best for those who have already bought your product.

4. Look for a platform to host your webinar

Depending on the frequency of the webinar and how much you have to invest in a platform there are a variety of platforms available to host your website. Here are some examples: WebinarJam, Zoho, Zoom, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube Live.

5. Do a dry run of the webinar

Having a test webinar with colleagues or friends is a great way to learn how to navigate the webinar environment and you will be able to test the technical equipment you will use. This will also allow you to go through your webinar and see if some areas are unclear or if you need to adapt your content.

6. Inform your audience about the webinar

You should send out reminders about your webinar to potential and registered customers. A reminder needs to be sent the morning of the webinar as many people will register last minute and many people like to be reminded about a webinar which they have already registered for a week ago. You can also use your blog and social media to create awareness about the webinar.

7. Send out a thank you

When the webinar is finished, you can send out a thank-you email with a recap of what was discussed in the webinar. It is important to add a link where people can go see the webinar if they may have missed it. You could put a time limit on how long your customers have access to the webinar rerun.

8. Repurpose your webinar

Once you have done your webinar, you can use the content from it to put on your website. You could also use the webinar again. This is called Simulive. This is when you show the pre-recorded webinar but you are present to answer your customers’ potential questions live. It is important that during these sessions there is a person to answer the comments live else you could leave a bad impression when you advertise that your webinar is live but it is just a pre-recorded video.

By following these eight best practices you will be well on your way to creating webinars which amaze your customers.

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