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8 ways to increase sales with your current customers

Increasing sales with your current customers should be easy as you already have a relationship with them. They know you can serve their needs but how can you increase sales with your customers? Here are eight ways to do just that.

1. Know your customer

One of the best ways to increases sales is to know who your customer is and what preferences they have. You can do this by running surveys or interviews with your current customers or listening to what they are saying about your product or service on social channels. By researching who your customer is, you can ensure you curate your content to satisfy their needs, and you can even invest in new products in line with what your customers’ needs and wants are.

2. Build trust

Make sure you stick to what you tell your customer. If you promise a certain delivery date then stick to it. In addition, your product or service should do what you claim it can do. If you break any of these conditions mentioned before you will break the trust with your customer. You should also ensure that you and your staff behave in line with your mission and value statements. Building trust comes from having a consistent interaction with your business and brand whether it is via your online presence or face-to-face.

3. Always communicate

Many companies after the sale has finished lose touch with their customers. You can continue to communicate with them by asking them to sign up for a monthly or quarterly email. Secondly, you could send them a message when you see something good has happened in their business or to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. Any communication with your customer must be personalised and valuable. Don’t spam your customers with sales pitches because you will probably lose them as a customer.

4. Educate your staff

Your staff members should have a broad knowledge of what your business does and the different products and services that you offer. This can be helpful because if through your research you find out that your customer has a different need but it can be satisfied by your business you can direct them to the knowledgeable person in that area. Your staff should also be well-educated on the area of business that they work in not only on your product but on the industry which they service. By keeping in touch with the industry they serve, they can see where there are potential new opportunities for your business to satisfy your customers’ needs.

5. Bundle your products or service

Look at your offering and see which ones will be good to bundle together. This could introduce your customer to a new product or service you offer which helps them to do what they need to do. If you have a promotion for new clients ensure you have a similar offer available for your current customers so that they don’t feel left out of the deals which you have on offer for new clients.

6. Focus on customer service

If your industry has a lot of competition then one of your differentiating factors which people will struggle to duplicate is the customer service you offer your clients. It is important to be customer-focused and ensure that they receive the same service and attitude from everyone in your business. Ensure that your customer service focuses on satisfying the customer’s needs.

7. Design loyalty and referral programmes

Loyalty programmes help to lock your customers into doing business with you and they get a special prize or discount after they have spent a certain amount of money with you. You could also reward your customers if they refer your business to their network.

8. Review and update your products and service

Take the feedback from your clients and review your products. If possible update your products and service with the feedback you have received from your customers.

By using some of these ways you can increase the sales with your current customers.

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