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The power of integration

In the dynamic landscape of payment management, ALLPS-i stands as a beacon of innovation. It's a web-based front-end collection and payment management solution designed to simplify debit orders and payments. For standard workflows, ALLPS-i offers immense benefits, streamlining operations, and ensuring data accuracy. Users can effortlessly manage customer data, automate processes, and enjoy secure cloud-based storage. But for those requiring advanced workflows, integration is the key. Seamlessly integrate ALLPS with your existing systems, like a Debtor Management System, to unlock a world of possibilities.

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All aboard: final call to join the digital train or be left behind

Article provided by Retail Capital

“As a result of the global pandemic, the six months from March to September 2020 saw more digital transformation occur than in the decade prior, according to a technology trends analysis by Forbes. If the urgency to keep pace with the fourth industrial revolution has not kicked in yet, businesses are flirting with disruption and uncompetitiveness,” says Retail Capital CEO Karl Westvig.

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