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Afrizan People Intelligence: creating opportunities for talent to flourish

Article provided by Afrizan People Intelligence

Recently, we connected with Donna Silver, a Group Director at Afrizan People Intelligence to learn more about Afrizan and the driving force behind the business.

Afrizan People Intelligence is a human capital solutions provider made up of a group of companies whose service delivery include a varied range of people solutions.

This business was founded by Elvira Riccardi in answer to the need for an empowered generalist consultancy. Elvira established Afrizan in alignment with South Africa’s affirmative action policy, with the vision being to provide top quality equity candidates to corporate South Africa.

“We love making a difference in candidates’ lives and matching the right talent with the right organisation. We love to see how the right talent flourishes in an organisation to become the next CEO of the business. We are also driven by the impact we make not only on the individual’s life but also the impact it has on their immediate and extended families.”

“But as you know business is not always sunshine and flowers, we have had struggles in the past and learned that change is inevitable. We have realised to survive we need to be agile, innovate and flexible. We have had to re-invent ourselves occasionally and though it is tough it is worth it to see people succeed in their careers.”

“We believe small businesses help to drive economic growth, create employment, and are sources of new ideas and innovation. With the support of government and corporate South Africa, small businesses can create employment opportunities as they scale and expand and have a direct and positive impact on the economy.”

Let’s grow together and watch South Africa flourish.

Afrizan People Intelligence is a proud Member of the NSBC

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