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Are you investing as much time in planning your sales success for 2024 as you do for planning your holidays?

Here are a few points for your sales success plan, showing it deserves just as much attention as your holiday plans:

Reflect: Your sales success plan involves reflecting on the successes and lessons of the current year. What worked well, and what could be improved?

Set clear goals and sales target: Know what you want to achieve (goals) and what revenue numbers you have to achieve (target).

Define your sales recipe: Clearly define what specific sales metrics you need to follow that are required to achieve your numbers.

Create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): Identify and refine your Ideal Customer Profile. Understand the characteristics of your best customers to focus your efforts on similar prospects.

Use finite prospecting list: Ditch the huge list and create a laser focused, finite prospecting list that you will target and review on a monthly basis. Revisit previous “no go’s”.

Outline your prospecting strategy: Outline how you will reach out to, and what you will say and write that will interest potential customers to meet with you.

Define prospecting activity and metrics: Define your minimal acceptable prospecting activities (time and numbers) needed to build and maintain a full diary.

Measure and review metrics: Regularly track and analyse your metrics to measure performance and adjust strategies accordingly.

Write a sales engagement questioning framework: Define the key areas you need to uncover when meeting prospects that unlocks real sales opportunities.

Upgrade your sales questions: Create a sales playbook of the smart questions you need to ask, that unlocks the answers and sales opportunities to help.

Pinpoint key accounts and growth opportunities: Identify potential growth opportunities within your existing customer base. Develop plans for upselling, cross-selling, strengthening long-term relationships and customer loyalty.

Get referrals: Implement asking for, and obtaining referrals as a minimal acceptable standard. It is still the number one way potential customers want to be engaged.

Continue sales training, development and coaching: Invest in ongoing training, development and coaching with a great company. *SalesGuru can help (shameless punt).

These key areas can help sales people upgrade their sales plan that aligns with their goals, enhances performance, and achieve increased sales success in 2024.

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