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Are you looking for parcel delivery security through technology?

In recent years, South Africans have wholeheartedly embraced the convenience and accessibility of online shopping and mobile commerce, with an astounding R50 billion spent in 2022. This surge in digital retail activity has undeniably fuelled the growth of South Africa’s courier express parcel delivery industry. However, this rapid expansion has also attracted the attention of opportunistic individuals with malicious intent.

These individuals, unfortunately, are the criminals of our nation, constantly on the lookout for vulnerabilities along the delivery chain to exploit for their nefarious purposes. Their crimes have ranged from intercepting parcels containing valuable designer goods, which they then replace with counterfeit items to be sold to hijacking delivery drivers at the point of handover, making off with their vehicles and belongings.

Furthermore, home deliveries can inadvertently attract the attention of passers-by, potentially exposing homes to break-ins or thefts when occupants are distracted while signing for their parcels.

Given the sheer volume of deliveries and the impracticality of involving crime prevention services or security companies in each transaction, technology has emerged as the unsung hero of the express delivery industry. DPD Laser, a renowned leader in this sector and part of the global GeoPost network, has harnessed the insights and international experience of its parent company to develop and implement a comprehensive suite of safety and security solutions. These measures not only safeguard your valuable cargo but also protect our dedicated drivers and all individuals involved in the delivery process.

Devon Light, International Executive at DPD ZA, explains, “Behind the scenes, there is an extensive and sophisticated system that operates diligently to safeguard every collection and delivery. Although this system remains invisible to most, its tangible results ensure that entrusted parcels reach their final destinations safely and punctually.”

Security initiatives from the outset

The journey of security begins even before a package is collected. Load plans are meticulously shared with our 24-hour control room, providing a detailed blueprint of the intended delivery, including comprehensive information about the driver and the vehicle involved.

Before each trip, all vehicle tracking units undergo rigorous testing to confirm their one-minute-interval tracking capability is fully functional. In adherence to international tracking technology standards, only the control room possesses knowledge of the precise tracker location on each vehicle.

Our control room vigilantly monitors every aspect of line haul movements, from the origin point to the parcel’s final destination, ensuring adherence to transit schedules. Simultaneously, real-time traffic monitoring and incident reporting allow immediate diversions in case of accidents or other issues that could jeopardize deliveries. Notably, this technology proved invaluable during the unrest in July 2021, safeguarding both our vehicles and drivers from violence and looting.

Uncompromising security measures

Safety of our drivers is our paramount concern. Consequently, every driver is equipped with a panic button linked to an armed response, ensuring swift assistance if needed. Importantly, our tracking and monitoring system is impervious to signal jamming, guaranteeing that we maintain constant surveillance over our drivers and vehicles, regardless of their location.

Upon customer request, DPD ZA is fully prepared to deploy an armed escort for door-to-door deliveries, complete with trained personnel and unmarked vehicles fitted with both outer and inner view camera systems. Additionally, these units feature their mobile asset tracking units, which can be activated as necessary.

In a nation grappling with one of the world’s highest crime rates, every business and industry has had to adapt and create effective responses to this grim reality. DPD ZA’s proactive security measures ensure the safety of parcels, our dedicated delivery personnel, and those awaiting deliveries. This commitment not only sustains South Africa’s burgeoning e-commerce industry, stimulating economic growth at a macro level, but also grants peace of mind to online retailers and their customers. Rest assured, every package will be delivered securely and punctually

For more information on how we can support your business and ensure the safety of your deliveries, please visit our Contact Us page or explore our FAQs.

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