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The 2024 Office – balancing flexibility and collaboration

The futurist, Alvin Toffler, said we must “learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

The office space is an area that management has to be flexible about if they want to attract and retain young, vibrant employees. It’s no good thinking what has worked for many years, is still the way it works today.

Future office spaces are shaped by a delicate balance between flexibility and collaboration. As technology continues to redefine the workplace, the debate between working from the office and working from home continues.

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Keep your fleet in top condition: Volkswagen’s EasyDrive service and maintenance plans

Keep your fleet in top condition: Volkswagen's EasyDrive service and maintenance plans

The truth is…

Things go wrong. No matter how many predictions, plans, and contingencies we make, Murphy’s law tends to poke its head around every corner at the worst of times. When you’re managing a fleet of commercial vehicles, you know that roads have bumps, cracks, and potholes. But there isn’t a box you can simply tick to solve the many inarguable realities of transport. The realities that damage stock, delay deliveries, and run you behind when you’ve already planned ahead. Well, there wasn’t…

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5 types of content every SME needs

How do you communicate with your customers? Many people will say by phone or through email, but did you know that your branding and website are also places where you communicate with your customers? Social media is another place and these places need to have some kind of content to communicate clear messages to your customers. In this article, we will look at the different ways we communicate with our customers and what type of content is needed by every SME.

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Aromat South Africa spices up its media mix with a one-video strategy to maximise reach

Article by Lunga Mooi Lunga Mooi leads digital marketing, media, and digital commerce at Unilever South Africa, where he is responsible for the new brand positioning of their seasoning brand, Aromat. Some things are distinctly South African: sending money via e-wallet, the guys at the ‘robots’ who wash your car’s windscreen for your loose change…

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My EasyGlow: Simplifying beauty, empowering lives

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – My EasyGlow.

At My EasyGlow, they simplify makeup for you. They are all about time-saving, space-saving makeup, that is both kind to you and the environment. Makeup should be easy and accessible for all. And so, the journey of innovation started, to overcome all current challenges with contouring and highlighting to transform the way you apply your makeup.

Carlie Lubbe trained as an optometrist but her passion for retail surpassed her interest in the clinical aspect of optometry. Her career journey took her into the realm of sales and marketing, where she spent several years with the leading contact lens company in the country. During this time, she found herself drawn to the world of customer service and assisting people.

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Turning poor leadership habits into strengths

Turning poor leadership habits into strengths, how do you do this?

In the previous article, we explored the negative impact of poor leadership habits on employee productivity. Go to part 1 of the article here.

Now, in part 2, we will focus on how to turn those habits into strengths and improve the overall work culture.

If you or your managers have been guilty of these bad habits; all is not lost.

Fortunately, people are adaptable, and even if there has previously been poor leadership behaviour, it’s easy to change the situation.

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The most common reason for small business failure in South Africa

Market access is key for any growing business in a competitive business landscape.

However, for small businesses, expanding market access and growing their customer base can be difficult, especially when there are large clients to be serviced.

The small business sector is a critical part of any country’s successful economy.

However, in South Africa, small businesses tend to struggle with a high failure rate. In fact, South Africa has one of the highest SMME failure rates globally.

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Sales hunters added to the endangered species list

Extinct species include the dinosaurs, woolly mammoth, cape lion and now the sales hunter could shortly be added to that list. Where have all the sales hunters gone?

With every meeting I have with sales leaders, it becomes more and more apparent that the number one cause of a lack of sales is that their "salespeople" are not in front of enough qualified prospects daily and filling the sales pipeline. When assessing sales teams, I find that less than 10% of the salespeople have both the mindset and skills needed to proactively prospect or source their own business, and not rely solely on leads, “call-ins" and existing business.

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Speak up for your business

Your hands start to feel clammy, your mouth feels like the Sahara and your mind has gone blank. If this sounds like you when you need to stand up in front of a crowd and speak or even if you have to have a face-to-face conversation with a customer, then this article is for you. Having the confidence to speak up for your business is critical, especially in an age where the market is saturated by visual media and the only way to stand out is to raise your voice. Let’s look at seven ways to step up and speak up about your business.

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The Social Butterfly digital agency – Flying high in the digital marketing arena

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – The Social Butterfly digital agency.

The Social Butterfly is not just a digital marketing agency; they are their customers’ dedicated partner in success. They go beyond the conventional client-agency relationship by aligning their experts with your business’ unique vision, mission, and values. They're passionate about their client's growth, and their success excites them more than anything else.

Samantha Frankel is the founder of the Social Butterfly digital agency. Her journey began with an unwavering passion for the digital marketing industry and a crystal-clear vision for what she wanted to achieve. This passion has been the driving force behind The Social Butterfly's success, fuelling her determination to overcome challenges and make a mark in the entrepreneurial world.

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