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Great 4 Business – Simplifying the complexities of business

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Great 4 Business.

Great 4 Business (G4B)’s philosophy is rooted in the idea of business made simple for small to medium enterprises. G4B aims to simplify the complexities of business for SMEs, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

Nonkululeko Baloyi, CEO of G4B, was inspired to start her business from an article by the founder and CEO of the NSBC, Mike Anderson, that highlighted the issues faced by SMEs. Through extensive research and knowledge gathering, she is committed to simplifying the complexities of business for SMEs.

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How to plan for 2024

Control what you CAN – whilst hedging your bets against what you can’t!

By Andy Hofmeyr – ActionCOACH Business Coach

We’re heading towards the end of the first quarter of 2024 and can be forgiven for feeling like it’s all ‘more of the same’. Ongoing corruption, economic volatility and a never-ending loadshedding schedule, coupled with uncertainty around this year’s national elections and the usual knock-on effects. Add to this the continuing geopolitical tensions that further drive costs and exacerbate uncertainties.

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You need to risk failure in order to succeed

Article written by Allon Raiz (CEO of Raizcorp)

Samuel Smith* and I met at an entrepreneurial conference about 10 years ago. We’ve kept in touch ever since, each following the other’s business. He’s had some truly unique ideas over the years and his business has been very successful, hence I like to refer to him as Successful Sam.

When Successful Sam started his business, he wasn’t afraid to take risks and fail because he didn’t have much to lose. I watched as he became more successful, and was less inclined to take a risk that would jeopardise everything he had worked for. He enjoyed being in his comfort zone where he “knew” that money would always come in at the end of the month. He eventually became so comfortable that he no longer took any significant risks.

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South Africa is a cyberattack hotspot and SMEs are most at risk

South Africa has emerged as the sixth most targeted nation worldwide for cyberattacks, inflicting an estimated annual cost of R2.2bn on the economy. This is despite the perception among many of the country’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that they are too insignificant to be on the radar of cybercriminals. However, Accenture’s Cost of Cybercrime Study reveals that 43% of these businesses fall victim to cyberattacks each year.

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5 tips for hiring an outsourced CFO

As an entrepreneur, you probably feel like you have to be the chief cook and bottle washer in your growing business. But can you also be the chief financial officer (CFO)? It may be possible to do it all yourself when you are just starting out. But as your business expands you will soon need someone that can do more than just “take care of the books”.

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Does sustainability matter to you? Is it a path to a better future for South Africa?

The pressing need to reduce carbon emissions has never been more evident. Our planet faces unprecedented challenges, with rising temperatures, severe storms, increased rainfall, flooding, landslides, and droughts wreaking havoc on lives and infrastructure. Addressing these issues may seem overwhelming individually, but by working together and making responsible choices in our lifestyles and business operations, we can slow climate change and protect our environment.

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The how, where and what of trade mark registration for SMMEs in South Africa: debunking the common misconceptions (Part 1)

Article written by Ms Fleurette Coetzee (Senior Manager: Trade Marks Division - CIPC) & Mr Sher-Muhammad Khan, Trade Marks Examiner, Trade Marks Division - CIPC)

In today's competitive business landscape, protecting your brand is essential for the success and longevity of your Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME). One of the most effective ways to safeguard your brand identity is by applying for the registration of a trade mark.

In this article, we will address common misconceptions surrounding the trade mark application and registration process in South Africa and shed light on why it is imperative for SMMEs to consider this process.

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Neslo Technologies– Nurturing local IT talent

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Neslo Technologies.

Neslo started in 2019 when a young Jordan Olsen decided to follow his vision and kick fear to the kerb. With eight years of technical knowledge in software engineering, he created a business which offered a diverse collection of services from concept to creation through carefully crafted and intuitive design, and leading-edge technologies.

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