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Ways in which collaboration with CIPC spread education and awareness to customers and the public

Ways in which collaboration with CIPC spread education and awareness to customers and the public

Collaboration and partnership with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) can effectively spread education and awareness to the broader public and customers. Since the inception of the Companies Act 71 of 2008, CIPC has partnered with various institutions in both public and the private sector. Below are some of the collaborations with the CIPC the has proven to be of value not to only ourselves as an organisation, but value for the partner and ultimately value to our end users.

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How to win by thinking like a doctor

Article by Mike Anderson (NSBC Founder & CEO)

Have you ever had a doctor try to sell you on a medical procedure before examining you? Of course not. Doctors ask questions and listen carefully to diagnose the problem first. Poor and average salespeople, on the other hand, jump into pitching their solution before the prospect talks about their pain points.

Let’s take a look at eight powerful tips adopted by the world’s top rainmakers:

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Overtime, commission, and bonuses: what you need to know

Article by Inge Barry (contributing freelance writer for Sage)

Setting up a payroll structure is a critical component of the payroll function to ensure that your employees are paid the correct salary in addition to overtime, commissions, and bonuses.

Payroll managers must understand the fundamental principles of additional compensation to provide informed advice when developing policies and to ensure employees are correctly compensated or rewarded.

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Understanding the world of office automation

Article provided by Daisy Business Solutions

Office Automation (OA) is a general term that refers to the various computer systems and software used to produce, store, alter and communicate office information. Office automation enables these processes to occur digitally and without human intervention.

The typewriter, copier, and fax machine mechanised formerly manual activities and can be considered the beginnings of office automation.

However, today’s office automation refers to digitising business processes and automated data processing. Thanks to personal computer machinery, easy-to-use software is more accessible than ever. Email replaced the fax, and scanners made copying easier and better. We can also convert hardcopy to digital, and folders have replaced filing cabinets.

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Ten hustle marketing strategies for small business owners going it alone

Article provided by Adbot on behalf of Google

Being a small business owner is tough! We know it. You know it. You’ve got to be everything to everyone at all times. Hustle, hustle and hustle some more. That’s why we’ve made your life a little easier by giving you ten marketing strategies that can help you as a small business owner, and some tactics to go along with them. 

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7 key customer buying signals for SMEs

Have you wondered if there was a signal that you could see which indicated that your customer was ready to buy? Or have you ever talked your way out of the sale because you missed the buying signal? Being able to clearly identify a buying signal and acting upon it is the way to make more sales but it takes time and effort to notice them online and in one-on-one conversations. Here are seven key customer buying signals to look out for.

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Experian and NSBC partner to help South African SMEs improve their financial health

Experian and the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) have announced a new programme to improve the financial fitness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

The campaign focuses on SMEs’ financial and credit health, helping them improve their financial security following the impact of the pandemic.

“We are extremely excited to launch a ‘How to become financially fit’ campaign in partnership with Experian, one of the leading credit bureaus, where we can equip SMEs with key tips and strategies to assist them in understanding their financial and credit health. The aim is to empower them to understand the impact of both their personal and business credit profiles on their business’s reputation and ultimately their ability to access the funding required to maintain and grow their businesses,” comments Mike Anderson, CEO NSBC Africa.

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7 common Instagram mistakes to avoid

Article provided by Pine3 Marketing

Instagram has become a huge hit in the business world. The social media platform currently has over 25 million active business profiles - with small businesses being the majority. A lack of growth on Instagram often comes down to making common yet easy to avoid mistakes.

Here are 7 Instagram marketing mistakes to avoid in order to develop your presence effectively.

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