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Should you automate or delegate? The benefits for your small business

We often hear that being an entrepreneur means you have to wear many hats but it is time to streamline them. Why? Because by automating or delegating certain tasks you will experience untold benefits for your business and for you. Let’s look at the four benefits of automating or delegating tasks.

The task could be done better

When automating or delegating a repetitive or mundane task it could be done better. If it is data capturing and it is automated there is less risk of data being incorrectly captured. By delegating a task to a person who is passionate about doing that task can lead to it being done better.

You will enjoy your business more

This is not something to sneeze at. The knock-on benefits of you enjoying your business are that the work environment becomes more energised and your employees start to believe in your dream too. Furthermore, when you enjoy your business you will be more creative in your problem-solving and you will spread the love to everyone.

Your profits will increase

How you may ask? By automating or delegating tasks, you will have time to focus on revenue-generating tasks rather than tasks which need to be done to keep the ship afloat.

You will be able to grow

If you have learnt to delegate and automate tasks in your business, you will be more comfortable when your business begins to grow. You will also have processes in place which will be easier to scale.

Now that we know the benefits, how can we automate or delegate a task?

Make a list of all the tasks you do in a day or a week

Examine each task and make sure that it adds value to your business. If the task does not add value to your business, then it is time to eliminate it.

Work out what happens in the task

Now you need to map out the process for the task. You can also design some templates which make fulfilling the task easier. This will help to streamline the process. For example, you can create email templates for pricing queries and for general FAQs which you have been asked.

Delegate the task

Now that you have worked out the process for the task it is important to hand it over to someone to go through. This is important to see if there are any blind spots in the process. By delegating the process, you can be made aware of the knowledge in the process which you take for granted.

Automate the task

Some tasks may get to the point where they can be automated and they should be. This will save you and your employees’ time and it can also add to your bottom line. There are many programmes and websites online that can automate almost every task in a business. One product is Zapier. It helps you to automate tasks between different applications. You can also use Cyfe to create a dashboard to monitor most of the aspects of your business.

By delegating and automating most of the tasks in your business, you will free up resources for you to work on your business rather than in your business.

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