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BaseCloud’s data-driven marketing: a game-changer for your ROI

Marketing your business in 2024 is a wild ride.

That’s why it’s more critical than ever to distinguish your marketing strategy. With every business chasing similar goals, achieving meaningful return on investment (ROI) requires a shift to data-driven marketing.

It’s time to move from surface-level metrics to those that drive real business growth. Traffic, conversions, and sales are the lifeblood of your digital success, far outweighing impressions or social media likes.

This approach ensures you make marketing decisions based on solid, actionable data.

Guide your marketing decisions with facts

BaseCloud has a proven track record of helping businesses tackle complex marketing challenges through data-driven strategies. By gaining expert insights into your marketing data, you can make crucial changes that will transform your business.

These real-life success stories demonstrate how we can help significantly improve your marketing ROI.

How website user experience (UX) optimisation led to 75% lower conversion costs

Consider this: you’re investing in Google Ads and driving traffic to your site, yet, frustratingly, those visits aren’t translating into conversions. As a result, your cost per conversion is alarmingly high, and your marketing spend has become ineffective.

We don’t tolerate this kind of inefficiency.

The client: A domain name provider seeking to enhance brand awareness.

Their problem: Their paid campaigns were expensive, with an average cost of R300 per conversion and monthly conversions fluctuating between 60 and 100.

The fix: Leveraging our expertise in enhancing website user experience (UX), we modified the website to improve the user journey and effectively guide users to the registrar links, their primary call to action.

The result: The changes led to a significant improvement in performance. The cost per conversion was reduced to R76, with monthly conversions soaring to 293-308, marking a 275% increase.

“In website development, our strategy is simple: Identify the core problem, craft a digital solution, and execute with precision. Every code and design element is not just about building a site but solving a real-world challenge for our clients.”

  • Quentin Grundlingh, Head of Web Development at BaseCloud

How strategic SEO boosted traffic by 300%

If you’ve ever tried implementing your own SEO as an e-commerce website but eventually gave up because it was overwhelming, you’re not alone.

Or perhaps you hired an “expert” to help you out, only to receive a one-page report with no information on what they were actually doing with your money. And to top it all off, you probably didn’t have much luck getting to page 1 on Google Search for your target keyword either.

This scenario can play out much differently if you trust a team that guides their decisions with data and facts.

The client: An office furniture provider needing help with organic traffic.

Their problem: They were not ranking in the top 5 of Google’s search results for their target keyword, ‘office chairs’, resulting in less than four clicks (actual traffic) to their website daily.

The fix: We implemented a monthly SEO content strategy, creating SEO-optimised content for our target keywords.

The results: Since October 2023, they have consistently ranked between positions 1 and 2 on Google’s search results for this keyword, increasing their traffic to an average of 16 clicks per day – a 300% improvement.

“We believe in adapting to change in SEO. As search engines evolve, so must our strategies. We stay ahead by constantly refining our approach, ensuring that our client’s websites continue to grow in search rankings.”

Lize Ferreira, Head of SEO at BaseCloud

How effective Google Ads strategy tripled conversion rates

Digital marketing agencies often overcharge and underdeliver. But data-driven marketing focuses on meaningful metrics that impact your bottom line.

The client: A cleaning service for homes, offices, and businesses in Pretoria East.

Their problem: The conversion rate of their Google Ads account decreased from 20% to 13% between February and June.

The fix: We initiated the development of Google Ads campaigns optimised for high conversion and explored varied bidding strategies to enhance the conversion rates.

The results: Our experiment with an optimised strategy increased the conversion rate from 13% to 40% in two months.

“Our Google Ads expertise delivers superior outcomes, turning digital investments into impactful success stories for our clients and helping them achieve their goals.”

-Jason Lippens, Head of Google Ads at BaseCloud

Partner With a team that can grow your business

You love your business; it’s part of who you are. You also care about your income and its compounding effect on your family, your employees, and their families.

At BaseCloud, we know this. We care about our work, the results it produces, and its impact on your bottom line.

This is BaseCloud’s Brand Promise Guarantee:

If we don’t add more value to your business than what our services cost, pay what you feel is reasonable.

Ready to let data drive your marketing success? Contact BaseCloud today.

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