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Be ahead of the game

The last trading quarter is an ideal time for business owners to look towards an end of year game. Here are eight things that business owners can do to carry them over the 2022 finish line into 2023.

Business – it’s a game and not an easy one – especially in current socio-economic conditions. Nevertheless, like any game, a combination of rules and tools, strategies and stealth, can help achieve winning goals. Among these, foresight – looking ahead – may be considered a key ingredient to future success.

Understandably in many organisations, medium term planning often gets overlooked in day-to-day operational and management pressures.

Nevertheless, no rugby, football or Fortnite team can go out into the field without a game plan, and the last trading quarter is an ideal time for business owners to look towards an end-of-year game that will carry them over the finish line.

Planning too late in the year likely does not allow enough of a headstart on the next year, and can see business strategies on the back foot, especially when teams are returning after holiday breaks.

Planning ahead will ensure all stakeholders are well prepared for what is coming, with the peace of mind that your business communications strategies are ahead of the curve.

Talking of looking ahead, planning of the 18th BizTrend Report is in progress, with awesome exposure opportunities. We’d love to help your team’s content communications game plan ahead with 2023 early bird specials, here’s just some the things you can do:

1. Be the front-page news

Open a Biz Press Office Newsroom (-15% for new signups before the end of 2022) to ensure your content needs are in the bag. Biz Press Office Newsrooms

2. Sponsor #BizTrends 2023

Sponsorship of annual thought leader trend content is a sure thing. Get in early on 19 industry sectors and niche sectors. #BizTrends

3. Sponsor #BestofBiz

The Biz Most-Read company and news articles of 2022 in your sector – branded, bundled are ideal for sharing as holiday reads, just awaiting ‘your brand here’.

4. Take us to your leaders – finish the year on a high note

Biz Thought Leader Packages are an ideal way for your leadership or company heroes to see themselves front and central on the home pages of their industry sector!

5. Sponsor content features

Make possible the best possible content, with the best possible value – Africa Month, Youth Month, Women’s Month or your choice of bespoke topics on Biz, offer Top Story, Special Section, Special Edition newsletters and more. Find out more about Content Feature Sponsorship.

6. Promoted content

Put your stamp of authority in your sector by publishing ‘state-of-the-market’ reports or insights via Biz front pages. More about promoted content.

7. Registrations and entries

Plan ahead for next year’s events to get great responses and webinar registrations with your early bird ‘Ahead of the Game’ packages.

8. Festive specials

Discounts on festive special banner campaigns can play to your advantage… find out more.

Ensuring your marketing and communications strategies are briefed in ‘ahead of the game’ will allow you and your teams to enjoy well-deserved festive downtime, with greater peace of mind.

Get in touch now to ask about 2023 early bird specials to carry over the line into 2023.

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