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Brandfundi – Make a courageous leap

Michelle Cavé, is the Founder and Managing Director of Brandfundi, which is a B2B specialist Public Relations and Marketing Communications Agency. Their core specialities include reputation management, corporate communication and issue and crisis management. They also offer writing services, content marketing, event management and training.

Michelle says that she always had the ambition to create her own agency but never felt courageous enough to make the leap from corporate life. After she was retrenched, soon after becoming a mother, she made use of that opportunity to start her own business.

There are so many aspects of running Brandfundi that Michelle loves. Apart from the flexibility, there’s the carving out of her journey and winning new business. She also loves the exposure to all facets of building and managing a business. She is learning all the time and recognises the significant growth she has gone through as a consequence.

When Michelle was asked what one of the biggest lessons was that she has learnt on her business journey, she said that that was a tricky question for her to answer as she had ‘paid her school fees’ so-to-speak. She said that her biggest learning has been defining her future self in times of uncertainty and loss. What she knows about herself to be true has been a massive catalyst personally and in business, but said that this didn’t happened overnight. It took her years to rebuild her confidence and success following her retrenchment from a career built in the ‘comfort’ of corporate life, becoming a single mother soon thereafter, and losing almost 80% of her revenue during the first year of the COVID lockdown.

Michelle said that her career afforded her exposure to so many different brands, people and business challenges. Before starting Brandfundi, she had spent 16 years honing her knowledge and skills. Initially, Brandfundi was borne out of necessity and the need to survive, but over the past six years she has found her ‘why’. She genuinely wants to entrench herself as a trusted and invaluable partner who helps her clients solve their business challenges through strategic communication solutions.

Michelle believes that small business entrepreneurs tend to have an insatiable appetite for growth and success. She says, “The founders’ start-up mentality often means that the company will be agile, responsive, and offer faster turnaround times. They also tend to possess inherent problem-solving skills. Furthermore, small businesses can provide a more flexible working model to adapt to client needs at lower costs.”

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