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Build a community. Build a business

No business is an island. For a business to exist, there needs to be a transaction happening between two people. It makes sense why growing a community around your business will help it to grow. By building an interactive community, you will build trust for your business and create opportunities to learn from your target audience.
How do you build a community?

6 steps to build a community

1. Choose a platform

There are multiple places where you can build communities for your business. Find the platform where most of your target clients hang out. You could create a Facebook group, a Twitter hashtag or a forum on your website. Wherever you choose to build your community ensure it is welcoming and easy to use.

2. Give your community space

Yes, it is important to moderate what is done in your community areas but ensure you give your customers as much freedom as possible to express themselves and share their thoughts. This can be a fine balance but try to find it so that everyone enjoys spending time in your community.

3. Learn from your community

Your community can give important data about your products and business. You can learn about who shows interest in your business and what they are saying about your community. If there are problems with your product, you can fix them. If you are struggling to think of a new idea for your business, you can ask your community and reward the person who helped you to bring a new product or service idea to your business. Communities are also great for people to share information about the industry you operate in.

4. Share informative resources

People have joined your community because they respect your opinion and suggestions when it comes to solving their pain points. Ensure you share educational resources which help your community to build trust and loyalty to your brand. By solving their pain point without pushing for the sale, you will be top of mind when they come looking for a solution.

5. Be consistent

Whatever you choose to do in your community, ensure that you are consistent. If you choose to send out a newsletter every month. Make sure it goes out every month. By being consistent, you build trust with your community.

6. Embrace different levels of commitment

You need to understand that there will be different people on your platforms. Some will be active participants in the conversations you are having online, and others will be quiet and silently watching what is going on. You can’t force people to be more or less active. Your business must just be present and give everyone the chance to participate in the way they prefer.

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