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Build your brand on social media

Article provided by Visa

Telling people about your product or service on social media can help you reach more customers. And best of all, it’s low cost and can have a big upside.

The quick and easy social media playbook

You’ve seen plenty of brands that excel at social media. Whether it’s clever writing, inspiring images or short informative videos, social media offers a range of possibilities for small businesses to reach new customers and keep current customers engaged.

Choose the right social site for your business

No two social media platforms address the same customer base. For example, businesses that sell to other businesses may see better results from a business-focused social media service. Businesses selling visually appealing products to consumers may prefer a platform set up for sharing photos.

Make the most of your time by posting when your customers are online

Experiment with different times. Each audience is different. For example, some customers may browse social media more during their commuting hours or lunch breaks.

Identify clear objectives and build metrics to help you gauge your success

If your objective is getting the word out about your business, then having 30,000 people share your posts is great progress. If you’re using social media to drive sales, then new inquiries about your product, like ‘where can I get this?’ is a performance indicator that really matters.

Test, review and learn

Periodically check which of your posts are more successful. Most social media platforms provide a dashboard that shows which posts get the most views, likes or shares. Once you’ve identified the successful patterns, build a theory for why they were successful—then test your theory with more posts.

Be yourself

Harness your company’s personality on social media. Focus on what makes your business unique (you’re a flower shop and you do arrangements based on celebrities, for example). Authenticity rules on social.

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