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Business ideas for single moms

Article first published on Bizcommunity

No one actually plans on finding themselves in a season of manoeuvring through the tough waters of single parenthood. Apart from the obvious set of challenges solitary parenting provides, there is the financial burden of caring for a family within the boundaries of a single-parent income.

The good news is, is that it needn’t be as daunting as the task implies.

“It is important to always see the glass half full, as cheesy as that sounds,” says Kemble Morgan, country manager for Africa for Young Living Essential Oils.

“My job has allowed me the wonder of meeting people on a global scale who have created success from embracing change. Being adaptable and tenacious in seeking out opportunity even when placed in tough life circumstances could stand you in a better stead, even when life used to be predictable”.

Morgan provides a list of tips to get started in a career as a single mom entrepreneur which, when implemented properly could lead to your next big break.

Consider your skillset

Is there something that you are passionate about and, incidentally good at too? It could be anything from writing to make-up application.

If you’re struggling to find your skillset, sit down with a trusted friend over a cup of coffee to pick their brain on how they see you succeeding given your existing passions. Once you’ve found it, get out there and market yourself appropriately on social media and via networking events and see where it leads.

Consider a side career in network marketing

Network marketing is a model which allows you, as a business owner to set your own pace and do business as you would like to. It works for those who particularly don’t favour routine or rules.

Many people have struck gold by taking up a career in network marketing. Be sure to consider the age of the company as well as the credibility of it by inquiring the ins and outs with long-standing members.

They’re usually quite helpful in handing out advice which worked for them to newly on-boarded members. By extending yourself and meeting more people, also allows you the opportunity of widening a network you will need to leverage in the near future.

Launch an online course

Is there something that you have had great success with? Imparting your knowledge and wisdom to a subscribed audience by creating a unique online course could help generate an additional revenue stream. Plus, you would be helping so many other people find the road to success as you did.

Become a wellness coach

With the recent strong global direction staying fit and enjoying an overall sense of wellness has taken, if wellness and good health fuels you in more ways than one, outsource your wisdom and personal case study in your own wellness journey by offering to coach those who battle to stay the course in order to reap the benefits you currently enjoy.

So many people struggle in this area and yours could be the voice they long to hear in order to bear the fruit of fitness.

Open your own shop

Love growing plants and flowers? Or, what about being that person everyone turns to for gift advice and wrapping techniques not seen in wider circles? It could just be time to take the plunge and open a specialist shop which offers your coveted services.

Find out what sets your skill apart from the rest and go in there and just do it. It could just become the best decision of your life.

Start that blog by sharing your journey as a single mom

Blogging is taking on a whole new face. It also now provides you with the opportunity to create a revenue – you can decide the format you would like your blog to take.

You could write for your own blog or, you could start your own YouTube channel, you could even do both. Both forms of content generation produce the owner to earn an income if, leveraged correctly. Sounds interesting? Put some research into it and shoot for the stars!

So there you have it. Six quick ideas to get you started on making your own brand of proverbial lemonade. The saying really is true… when life gives you lemons.

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