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Business owners and sales leaders, this is for you

In the ever-evolving world of sales, one undeniable truth remains: the composition of your sales team is a direct reflection of your company’s sales success.

Let’s group your sales team into four leagues:

·      Top performers – always above target over a quarter,

·      Consistent performers – on target over a quarter,

·      Under performers – not achieving target over a quarter, and

·      New hires (first three months in the role).

The 50%+ dilemma for sales leaders

Many companies we have helped, initially had over 50% of their sales team in the “new hires” and “under performers” leagues. What percentage of your sales team sits in those leagues?

Sales forecasting challenge

It is extremely difficult to forecast sales effectively from under performers and new hires. It’s also risky to rely on them for your revenue projections.

As sales leaders, your primary duty is clear: hire the right people and get them to achieve at minimum their sales targets. All your sales people need to have clearly defined individual “sales recipes” to follow, that when followed, at minimum ensures sales target achievement.

Great sales leaders inspire their teams and also hold them accountable to deliver on their agreed daily behaviours. This aligned to ongoing coaching is crucial, especially with new hires and under performers to either raise them to the required standard or move them out.

Here is a game-changing success story. One of our banking clients reduced their under performers from 161 out of 310 to an astonishing 16 out of 310! How? Through their implementation of SalesGuru’s proven sales management and coaching system.

Remember, your sales team’s composition is a mirror of your sales success

The percentage of top performers and those consistently achieving sales targets, compared to under performers, and new sales hires can make or break your sales efforts. The right healthy balance is crucial.

·      What percentage of your sales team sits in under performers and new hires?

·      What is the impact of this on your companies sales results?

·      What is your urgency to resolve this?

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