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Business Prepaid for SMEs

Here is why data SIM management is critical for success.

Article provided by Flickswitch

More and more companies today need to manage multiple data SIM cards comes with some pain and unplanned costs.

With the growth of connected data devices, specifically those deploys in IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, better management and monitoring of SIM cards becomes more and more important for today’s technology-rich companies. Whether you are deploying devices in access control, security, logistics, banking, vending or agriculture the need for better management of data SIM cards is clear. Even more traditional industries are starting to deploy data-connected devices to assist in monitoring and running their operations.

The two important aspects when it comes to SIM management is to control your risk as well as cost while making sure devices are always online and in good health.

As a technology manager, the sourcing, provisioning, installing and testing of data SIM cards for your mobility devices can be challenging. It often seems like the simplest piece of the overall solution puzzle, but don’t be fooled. Just like with any other aspect of technology, as soon as something is done at scale, it presents new challenges.

Many device deployments are very painful and time-consuming due to inadequate SIM management tools. Some of the most common issues encountered time and again are mobile data bill surprises (bill shock), technical issues relating to SIM provisioning, SIM theft and abuse and not being able to see exactly how SIMs are behaving day-to-day. When it comes to deploying multiple numbers of device SIMs, often into remote locations, the risks start to multiply fast.

What is Business Prepaid?

Many post-paid and contract-based SIM card options carry big risks and upfront commitment, as you cannot easily control and manage your day-today spend across your entire SIM base. Business Prepaid allows you to manage normal prepaid SIMs in a way that makes sure they are always active, but never abused. Using the SIMcontrol online platform, prepaid SIM card balances are automatically monitored and topped up according to your custom recharge rules. It is like building your own data plan that can be changed or stopped at any time.  

The SIMcontrol service helps companies to easily monitor and manage multiple numbers of deployed SIMs in a quick, easy and cost-effective way. Using this tool proven online business tool you immediately reduce your risks and ensure quick and easy deployment. Various SIM management issues can be understood, anticipated or prevented by using the platform. Having real-time control and management capability over deployed SIMs becomes a critical success driver for both technical reliability and cost management. Best of all, there are no long-term contracts.

As technology improves, so will the need to ensure device connectivity is properly managed. SIMcontrol takes the hassle out of your every day SIM management pain.

To find out more about SIMcontrol visit out website or contact our team on 087 943 7222.

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