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Candid Conversations: Allon Raiz – You need a compelling economic right to exist, not funding

In this episode, Allon Raiz shares his first foray into failure and how it changed his mindset. He also talks about running “the only genuine incubator on the African continent”. Listen as Charles Hsuan (Flying Kite) and Allon bond over both interviewing for corporate jobs before committing to their own ventures. And be treated to Allon’s unique storytelling style. You’ll also get some great suggestions for new reading material.

Allon Raiz has worked as a business ProsperatorTM for over 20 years. He’s also authored two books. Through his company, Raizcorp, Allon assists entrepreneurs to prosper in their ventures. If a business (idea) is valuable, Allon is happy to help. In his view, a business doesn’t need funding to ensure success. Rather, enterprises need to be sustainable and run by someone dedicated. 

Allon established Raizcorp as a way to pay forward the initial help offered to him by his mentor. Raizcorp does this by equipping fellow entrepreneurs through various education and training initiatives. The company also offers entrepreneurs strategic partnership and sponsorship programmes. 

Listen to the full episode here:

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