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Business Opportunities

Creating an environment where women and youth entrepreneurs can thrive

Article written by Ronnie Mbatsane (Managing Executive for SME Business & Sanah Gumede, Managing Executive for Strategy and Customer Value Management at Absa Relationship Banking)

The past few years have been difficult ones for South Africans. We have faced the COVID pandemic, intensified load shedding, civil unrest and natural disasters to name a few. Not only have these challenges interrupted our daily lives, but the environment has changed significantly as a result with profound social and financial implications for individuals as well as businesses. According to the Africa Report, a significant portion of South Africa’s young people are now unemployed, with women making up two-thirds of the job losses during the pandemic.

Emerging opportunities for small business arising from SA’s success in slowing the COVID-19 outbreak

Article provided by Liberty Corporate

It is now almost a month since South Africa moved back to Alert Level 1 of lockdown. This has brought about much positivity from an economic perspective, providing businesses the opportunity to begin the process to recovery. On a social front, there are now fewer restrictions on the freedom of movement, improving the morale of many people and possibly reversing some of the job losses reported throughout 2020. Being at this level of lockdown tells us that we have done well as a country to help fight the battle, but the war is not over as many of the risks associated with the pandemic remain, with the looming potential of a third wave.

How to make money working from home

Is your existing business struggling? Is your current career under pressure? Are you looking for something different that offers flexibility, freedom and independence? Then join us and be part of something big!

SA's #1 Franchise Opportunity under R 50,000 is fun, highly rewarding, and lucrative - it’s a powerful opportunity at any time, but especially now during these unpredictable and trying times.

Future jobs – what will they look like and how do we prepare for them?

Article provided by Skills Development Corporation

The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is probably one of the most popular discussion points of the last few years. If you consider how 4IR or at least its imminent roll out has disrupted education, business and industry sectors worldwide, we can safely assume that South Africa will also need to make provisions to do the same, but what will the future employment landscape look like?

Are you ready to become a highly successful entrepreneur?

Then join us and be part of something big. This is fun, highly rewarding and lucrative.

Becoming a Licensee with the NSBC is truly rewarding and fruitful. If your dream is to operate your own business and you are skilled in sales, then there is a Licensee Opportunity for you at the NSBC . For high achievers, the rewards will be plentiful - the potential to earn a six-figure income, and the satisfaction of making a positive impact on small businesses throughout the nation.

Only a limited number of NSBC Licensees will be appointed.

Tips for trucking owner-drivers looking to make more moolah
Article provided by MiWay Challenges such as long working hours and low salaries for skilled truck drivers in South Africa, mean that the country is unable to recruit the thousands of new professional truck drivers it requires every year. Demand for skilled drivers is at its peak, leaving prime opportunities for economic and entrepreneurial success. We know that the road to riches may be a tricky one given the high upfront costs and ample risks and hazards, but it can definitely be worth the while for those willing to go the extra mile.
NSBC Licensee
If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, be part of something BIG
If your dream is to operate your own business and you are skilled in sales, there is a business opportunity for you at the NSBC. As one of the fastest growing organisations of its kind in the world, the NSBC is offering an unmatched business opportunity to select individuals who want to seize the entrepreneurial way of life and live their dream. Becoming an NSBC Licensee is truly rewarding and fruitful. For high achievers, the rewards will be plentiful—the potential to earn a six-figure income, and the satisfaction of making a positive impact on small businesses throughout the nation! The opportunity is equally tailored to established business owners who would like to expand on their existing base.
A big step for your business
The NSBC is the voice of small business and the driving force fueling business today. This high-energy organisation is fully geared to helping every small- to medium-sized business get ahead and stay ahead. We do this by offering our members a variety of invaluable benefits catering for the needs of every type of small- to medium-sized business as well as the serious aspiring entrepreneur. The NSBC is constantly at the coal face - digging for new ideas, the latest trends, the best solutions, key opportunities, and what it takes to reach the top of the game as an entrepreneur. This we expose our members to all day, every day! Joining NSBC is a big step in the right direction for your business. Your membership is backed by a strong network of more than 110 000 independent business owners across the country, owners who, like you, are committed to achieving success.
Tap into business opportunities with China

Binu Pillai, COO of Meorient International Exhibition, organisers of China Homelife Fair and China Machinex, provides insights into the Chinese importing opportunities for South African start-ups.

China had made a name for itself in recent years in economic and quality aspects, which is why business people from across the world are flocking to have business involvement. With a population of over one billion and a fast growing economy, China is definitely the next best place to acquire quality goods from.
Taking world-class healthcare into Africa
Article by Griffin Advisors According to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the total value of Africa’s healthcare industry in 2016 is USD 70-billion. The pharmaceutical sector alone is worth just over USD 20-billion, and according to a McKinsey & Company report is expected to grow to between USD 40-billion to USD 65-billion by 2020. In spite of this, decades of under-investment in the health sector has left many countries in Africa with insufficient infrastructure (properly equipped and functioning hospitals and clinics), professional skills (specialists, doctors and nursing staff) and drugs and medicines to provide adequate healthcare to their citizens. This impacts on two levels: the poor who are wholly reliant on government facilities receive limited or no primary healthcare whilst people who can afford healthcare from private practioners cannot receive it because it is not available. It is of little surprise that WHO (World Health Organisation) healthcare indicators show Sub Saharan Africa lagging significantly behind other regions and falling well short of global averages. Adult and infant mortality remains high whilst life expectancy, despite improving over the past decade, is alarmingly low in certain countries.

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