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How to plan for 2024

Control what you CAN – whilst hedging your bets against what you can’t!

By Andy Hofmeyr – ActionCOACH Business Coach

We’re heading towards the end of the first quarter of 2024 and can be forgiven for feeling like it’s all ‘more of the same’. Ongoing corruption, economic volatility and a never-ending loadshedding schedule, coupled with uncertainty around this year’s national elections and the usual knock-on effects. Add to this the continuing geopolitical tensions that further drive costs and exacerbate uncertainties.

How to win by thinking like a doctor

Article written by Mike Anderson (NSBC Founder & CEO)

Have you ever had a doctor try to sell you on a medical procedure before examining you? Of course not. Doctors ask questions and listen carefully to diagnose the problem first. Poor and average salespeople, on the other hand, jump into pitching their solution before the prospect talks about their pain points.

So, let’s take a look at eight powerful tips adopted by the world’s top rainmakers:

#BizTrends2024: Trends in the small business work landscape for 2024

Article written by Samantha Coom ( CEO and founder of The Social Craft)

In the ever-evolving work landscape for small businesses and entrepreneurs, as we propel into 2024, there is a profound transformation underway. The traditional boundaries between HR and technology, like most functions, are necessarily dissolving.

This is giving rise to an integrated ecosystem where people and technology fuse to create the future of work.

My work is at the intersection of both- people and technology and in this piece I am not narrowly predicting trends in either silo, however, this 2024 trend prediction piece goes beyond just HR and just technology; it foresees the birth of an industry—peopletech and the exciting innovation we can leverage as brands and businesses.

Navigating 2024: the crucial role of discipline and intention in a year of disruptions

As we embark on the journey through 2024, the path ahead appears to be laden with challenges and uncertainties, both on a global scale and within the dynamic landscape of South Africa, where elections later in the year promise to bring about significant changes. In the face of this ever-evolving environment, leaders must sharpen their focus and ensure their teams are equipped to navigate the disruptions that lie ahead. Two guiding principles that will prove instrumental in steering through the turbulence of this year are discipline and intention.

5 rules to help you discern good advice from bad

Article written by (Allon Raiz - CEO of Raizcorp)

Everyone these days has heard about fake news but, in my view, a more dangerous concern for small businesses is fake advice. Every day we are inundated by advice from specialists in this and gurus in that. With all this so-called incredible advice floating around, it makes you wonder why so many people make investment choices that go south, take strategic decisions that implode the business, and sign contracts that aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Set up for a successful 2024

2024 is here. And everyone is dreaming about how the year will be. Some may feel a bit of dread and others may be excited but if you want to either stifle the dread or fan the excitement you need to set up a plan. How will you be successful in 2024? Let’s take a look at what success is and how you can plan for it.

What is success? According to the Oxford Dictionary, “success” is defined as “the fact that you have achieved something that you want and have been trying to do or get”. From this definition, we can see that success is personal and looks very different for every person. So, let’s plan for your success with these five steps.

Now is the time to adopt the principle of lean

Article by Mike Anderson (NSBC Founder & CEO)

As 2024 is closing in on us, now is the perfect time to ‘sharpen the pencil’. If your business is not doing what it should be doing and is spiralling out of control with debt, expenses, poor sales, it is now time to adopt the principle of lean and do things differently.

I like to call it “the washing machine effect” – Stick your business into the washing machine and clean it thoroughly; your strategic plan, forecasts, systems, sales, staff etc. Start a new business with the one you have, before it’s too late.

Get rid of everything you don’t need, large offices, expensive cars, poor performing or unwanted staff. Be brutal on the money. This exercise alone will bring relief and a refreshing approach.

Everything you do should be subject to scrutiny and revision, including your vision, business and marketing plans, budget, sales and expense expectations and more. It’s now all about creating a brighter, less stressful view of the road ahead.

Here are a few suggestions for giving your business a profit makeover:

It’s “Pawsible” focused on enhancing the lives of pets

Centurion’s Heather Whitfield, a dedicated veterinary physiotherapist, is capturing audiences on the People’s Weather channel with her new show, “It’s Pawsible,” focused on enhancing the lives of pets.

The journey to the small screen began when Whitfield initiated a project on Nelson Mandela Day last year, catching the attention of a channel producing a show for the occasion. The producer, impressed by Whitfield’s work, shifted the focus to a series on pet physiotherapy.

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