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Business Success

Achieve exceptional results on a restricted budget
It is now time to be unconventional and bold so you can get your brand out there with style and impact. Start applying your thinking and risk-taking creativity into your everyday environment ... then get ready to make a marketing splash! One can achieve exceptional results on a restricted budget. I don’t want to waste time by talking about conventional methods and the big costs attached to it. Let’s rather focus on a new beginning and what we need to do to get those results through a strategy called Guerrilla Marketing.
How small businesses can compete with larger companies
Large companies certainly have many advantages in the business world. They have more money, and so, can spend more on big marketing campaigns. Even if their promotional efforts are not effective, they can recover. Furthermore, they have to their credit several years of business experience that enables them to provide highly effective production lines. Small businesses, on the other hand can be at an alarming disadvantage when competitors are well-established, corporate entities. But what can small enterprises do to not only survive, but remain competitive.

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