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Case Study

Case Study: Cotton On and DPD ZA – One million parcels delivered

Meeting the e-commerce challenge: a partnership built on trust and excellence

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, last-mile delivery is the key to ensuring that online shoppers receive their purchases in a timely and reliable manner. As the South African e-commerce landscape evolves, a strategic partnership between Cotton On, a leading retailer, and DPD ZA, a prominent logistics provider, stands as a testament to the importance of choosing the right logistics partner and building a relationship based on trust.

The right bank can be the catalyst you need for business success

Raghmah Solomon is a seasoned interior designer who has been in the business for over 16 years. Specialising in the commercial sector, she founded Vortex Design Solutions in 2015 and after 7 years, is flourishing in her industry. But her journey to get there hasn’t been easy. Everything was going well until the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns struck, replacing Vortex’s busy schedule with an empty business calendar, literally overnight.

How BugOut SA is helping South Africans be prepared 

Since 2020, we’ve featured several online stores as case studies on our website that demonstrate the resilience and determination of South African entrepreneurs and business visionaries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each and every one of them overcame hardship and uncertainty to create something magical – successful online businesses they could proudly call their own.  

How Cape Masai Leather crafts meaningful products   

Harryson Juma Odari loves everything about leather – the smell of leather, the texture of leather, the durability of leather and the versatility of leather. As the small business owner of Cape Masai Leather, nothing brings him more joy than hearing his customers say how much they love their new custom-made, hand-crafted bag, belt, wallet or purse.     

How the CORA project is working to eliminate poverty

Many of us are fortunate in that we take for granted how easy it is for us to get our hands on period products. But this is not the case for everyone who menstruates. Globally, at least 500 million people lack access to the facilities they need to manage their periods. In South Africa specifically, 30% of female learners are forced to miss school when on their periods due to a lack of access to period products. Not only does this hinder their educational development, but it violates one of their basic human rights. 

How a young entrepreneur is bringing Solace to her customers

Article provided by PayFast

South Africa has come a long way as a nation since our first demotic election in 1994. However, the country is still struggling with a high unemployment rate, which is significantly noticeable amongst our women and our youth. While it’s easy to become despondent from listening to the news of how our country and the world at large are struggling through the current economic crisis, it’s important to appreciate and celebrate the wins, such as the stories of young South Africans who have developed impressive business ideas and launched successful side hustles to generate an income, especially through a tool that is readily and easily accessible through a smartphone and internet connection: ecommerce.  

#StartupStory: In the Loop with Kimberly Taylor

Article written by Evan-Lee Courie (Bizcommunity)

Loop is an adaptable, intuitive delivery management platform that empowers companies by enabling them to cleverly optimise and scale their delivery systems. Kimberly Taylor is the young woman behind the software and has already gone on to win the MTN Enterprise App of the Year Award.

We find out more from the brains behind the new 360 fulfilment platform for supply chain industries.

How NEST Designs is creating childhood memories

Article provided by PayFast

When we look back at our childhood, it’s often the small things that bring a smile to our faces. It may be a memory of your favourite childhood pet dozing at the foot of your bed, having your best friend sleepover or simply playing with your favourite toys on your bedroom floor. Or even a memory from your angsty teenage years, where a good majority of your time was probably spent locked in your bedroom blasting your favourite tunes. If you take a step back, all of these memories should have one common setting, your childhood home – or more specifically, your childhood bedroom. 

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