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Customer Experience

Customer care: 3 Cs and one ethos

Providing excellent customer service should be the central tenet of any business.

Julie Rimmel, Client Liaison Officer at Amplifin, believes customer care needs to move away from reactionary service to proactive engagement, particularly within the payment and collections sector. It’s an approach that reshapes the narrative around customer care, shifting it away from frustration, limited visibility and friction towards a more rewarding experience that values customers within the business ecosystem.

Customers are people too

How hyper-personalised print humanises consumer marketing.

Get to know your customers

In recent years, brands have increasingly targeted consumers through digital alone, because of the channel’s quick delivery and measurability. But, as Mark de Bruijn, a recognised author and speaker on customer experience, highlighted at our recent Future Promotion Forum, “customers are people too” and “experience is personal”. Whether it’s relating to music, art or communications, each person’s interests are unique and sending non-targeted, irrelevant ads or e-shots is no longer cutting through.

Build your B2B customer relationship for success

According to a 2020 Customer Engagement Consumer Survey by Rosette consulting, highly engaged customers spend 60% more, buy 90% more frequently, and have three times the annual value compared to other customers. With these stats in mind, building great B2B customer relationships can set your business on the right track to success. But how do you do it? Let’s look at who B2B customers are and how you can build your B2B customer relationship.

Customer Experience: it’s time to go digital

In this episode of “What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou”, Aki talks to Karen Jones (Business applications business group lead, Microsoft South Africa) and Nadine Abu Khalil (Business application customer engagement business lead, Microsoft Middle East & Africa). They look at the importance of digital transformation in business and the impact this has on the customer’s and employee’s experience of your brand.

Use SMS to reconnect with customers

Article provided by BulkSMS

For many non-essential businesses, the global lockdown has meant that they’ve had to shut their doors and hope for the best. But as the restrictions start to ease up, and business owners breathe a sigh of relief, reconnecting with customers is a top priority and SMS is the perfect tool for it.

Here are a few ways SMS can help businesses reconnect and engage with their customers again.

Redefining your customer experience

How have you been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? Many people may have asked you this question or this may be the first time. It is important to think about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you personally. This may also give you an insight into how your customers are feeling at this time. With this information in mind, it may be time to redefine how your customer interactions are being presented? Here are five aspects to consider

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