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Fleet / Telematics

Drivers behaving badly – and how to combat it with fleet solutions

As a fleet operator, you know that one of the biggest challenges in managing a fleet is dealing with drivers behaving badly. From reckless driving to speeding, aggressive behaviour, and distracted driving, these actions not only pose a risk to safety but also have a huge impact on a business’s finances, reputation and even customer relationships.

For many fleet businesses, drivers are instrumental in keeping everything up and running, but how drivers behave behind the wheel determines how far your fleet business can go.

Track your small business fleet with Netstar

A tailor-made small-business solution allows SMBs to track their vehicles easily and affordably, helping them boost efficiency, cut overheads, and protect their people.

Fleets are critical to the success of many small businesses, and efficient tracking and management can be the difference between success and failure. At Netstar, a subsidiary of Altron, we have therefore applied our experience with large fleets to launch Netstar Fleet Tracker, which allows small-business owners to track their fleets easily and affordably.

Celebrating the spirit that drives South Africa forward

Article provided by Volkswagen South Africa

From National Fishing Month to International Walk to School Month, there seems to be a special month for almost everything these days. But what is their relevance?

For the public and private sectors, special days and months (e.g. Women’s Month or Earth Day) provide great opportunities to stimulate the economy through focused events and initiatives. These holidays also give our society a chance to focus on important conversations and causes that may easily get overlooked throughout the year.

With October being marked South African Transport Month, this article aims to tell the story of how commercial transport helps move our society forward, while celebrating the South African working spirit.

Managing and improving your fleet’s fuel economy

Article provided by Netstar

No matter the size or type of fleet, fuel expenses always make up a large portion of the budget. With the exorbitant fuel prices South Africa and the rest of the world are experiencing, there is no better time than the present to invest in fuel-saving technology and practices.

By doing so, your fleet operation can improve its fuel consumption, which right now means big savings for your bottom line.

Commercial vehicle conversions and all you need to know to make them work for your business

Article provided by Volkswagen

Conversions for special functions and requirements

Upon purchase, specialised business vehicles usually require modifications and equipment tailored to their commercial functions. In addition, extra-special boarding equipment, comfort features and operating capabilities can be added to different types of vehicles for leisure and business purposes, or for passengers with disabilities and particular accessibility needs.

After purchasing your specific model, vehicle conversions can be performed by a trusted third party, while manufacturers like Volkswagen South Africa offer the option of buying ready-converted commercial vehicles via their Van Centres and Light Commercial Vehicle dealers.

Fleet tracking made easy: a boost for small business safety and efficiency

An innovative software solution now offers fleet-tracking technology for owners of small-business fleets – in a simple, yet powerful and inexpensive package.

Netstar, a subsidiary of Altron, has applied its experience with large fleets to launch Netstar Fleet Tracker, which makes it simple for small business owners to track their drivers affordably, and to save on fuel. It comes complete with a quick-and-easy, online sign-up process.

How vehicle telematics is changing the future of business

Article provided by Netstar

Rising fuel prices, pending carbon emission regulations and tighter road-safety regulations, are all factors business leaders need to consider in the modern era. Smart money is on using technology to redefine the future of mobility, writes JW Oberholzer, Senior Manager for Commercial Sales at Netstar, a subsidiary of Altron.

Technology has ensured we no longer need to leave things to interpretation. With the widespread use of smartphones, tracking devices, sensors, and vehicle software; telematics data gathered from vehicles and fleets can now be communicated and shared in real-time. This data can be used to protect and improve people’s lives. It can also play a significant role in reshaping the way we do business.

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