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Growing a Business

Get motivated to sell more
Article provided by Stef Du Plessis Chances are, what you think motivates you, doesn’t. What you probably don’t know about motivation. What your sales manager never told you about motivation. Why we don’t sell more. Now in my forth decade as a career salesman, I’m certain of a few things with regard to salespeople, and the art of selling. Foremost, that there is natural selection: those who can’t, or don’t want to sell, will eventually fade. Second is that very, very few salespeople ever get to earn what they dream of earning. Thirdly, that this is not because they lack product knowledge and sales technique – it’s because they just do not do the things that they (already) know that they need to be doing. Fourth is that there are no exceptions to the three above. I have closely observed some of the top salespeople in the world ply their craft. And
5 ways to market yourself online as a small business owner
Article provided by Fedhealth If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur in South Africa, you will know sourcing, closing and retaining clients is becoming increasingly competitive, even though the demand for services is growing. But whether you are selling services or products, having a basic but effective digital strategy in place can help you stay ahead of the pack. Here are five steps to get you started with marketing yourself online:
The art of networking at exhibitions
Article by China Homelife Trade fairs and exhibitions are an excellent way to not only find what you need for your small business under one roof but to network and build relationships with the right suppliers and contacts. Sometimes, an exhibition can be an overwhelming experience if you do not know where to start or who to meet, especially as a small business. We have put together some handy tips which will aid you when visiting trade fairs or networking events to conduct business.
How to diversify your product line
Why should your company diversify their product line? It could be to breathe new life into the company or to break into a new market. Normally companies which are struggling, look into diversifying their product line and that is why it is important to research how to diversify your product line before you do it. Before we begin with the how, let us take a deeper look into what is product diversification.
The art of negotiating with China
Article by China Homelife Fair and China Machinex  China is the leading country to do import business with, and plays an integral part in boosting the country’s economy. However, it is sometimes difficult to conduct business across the seas, when two different languages are spoken and cultures are different i.e. the art of doing business with China can have its challenges. The Chinese have a unique way of handling business affairs, and therefore, we have put together some tips for those wanting to grow their relationship with Chinese manufactures and suppliers.
Loyalty and rewards: breaking the barriers for small businesses
Article by Loyal1 South Africa The most common definition of a loyalty and rewards programme is a “structured marketing intervention that rewards and encourages specific customer behaviour (transaction value, purchase frequency, basket spread/product cross-holding and tenure) which is beneficial to the programme owner or sponsor”. This sounds like a very intimidating and daunting task, especially for that little old shop around the corner. One only the large corporates with huge budgets and a whole department whose mission is to improve customer retention can implement.
Double your sales in 30 days
Article by Mike Anderson (NSBC Founder & CEO) To be a sales superstar, you must make it rain. The economy doesn’t create economic opportunity, rainmakers do. A rainmaker seeks out, secures and retains big clients, brings in big money, and concludes big deals. How do they make the rain fall? They don't wait for luck or a brighter economy; they operate and make things happen. Rainmakers don’t have excuses. They either make the sale or they don’t. In today’s business culture, sales is one of the most competitive fields. There are more products and services available than ever before. To be a star, you must make it rain. The rainmaker is the sales person everyone else wants to be. Whatever item or service the rainmaker sells, it is sold effectively.

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