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Small Business Friday

Celebrating Payroll Supremacy – Seize your opportunities
With the personal tax season of 2016 officially open, our attention is naturally drawn to financial matters. When it comes to tax, we need to have our eyes on the ball and the right experts batting for our team or the consequences can be severe. Today we celebrate a small business that makes it their business to bring the skills, knowledge and professionalism (that you usually only get from big tax and auditing firms) to micro, small and medium enterprises - Payroll Supremacy. Payroll Supremacy’s story starts with its two directors, Penny Smith and Carien van Dijk. Infused with a deep passion for their respective fields and inspired by a love for helping others, Penny and Carien made the big leap from the corporate world in favour of starting their own business specilising in Payroll, Tax and Accounting.
Small Business Friday – Five ways to get your business involved
The countdown has begun for South Africa’s biggest small business day of the year – Small Business Friday. The role that small businesses play in job creation, poverty alleviation, service delivery, and wealth creation all mean that small business is big business. 'Nearly two thirds of all South African workers are employed by small businesses,' says Mike Anderson, NSBC Founder & CEO. 'Small businesses also contribute a significant portion of our country’s gross domestic product, which is why we’re encouraging South Africans to lend their support to the Small Business Friday movement on 2 September 2016.' Are you a small business? Take advantage of this opportunity to get more customers through your doors . Here’s how to get involved in ‪Small Business Friday. 
Celebrating Shooshoos™ – Every big adventure starts with a baby step!
In life, and especially in business, we find that the pivotal choice required in setting the course for new adventures and achieving great dreams lies in the decision to take that first baby step. This week we feature a small business that has not only experienced this figuratively, but literally too. From setting out to simply ‘get idle hands busy making happy shoes for baby feet’, Shooshoos™ is now the biggest exclusive baby shoe brand in South Africa and is making waves globally, exporting to over 20 countries.
Celebrating Oopsie Daisy – Creativity, passion and flowers

Few things are able to add the colour, enhance the theme and create the right ambience at an event or special occasion quite like flowers. Carefully designed floral décor infuses a setting with natural beauty that not only makes guests feel special but will also create a lasting impression on all who attend. For Charlene Lubbe and her team at Oopsie Daisy, a Johannesburg floral and décor business, this is what they do best. Now in their 9th year of business, Oopsie Daisy, is well renowned for their stylish and trendy designs, attention to detail and outstanding service.
Celebrating Ariston Global – As they grow, we grow
In order for a small business to be truly successful they need to be on top of their finances, tax, HR, payroll and in-line with legislation. In most cases, however, entrepreneurs tend to be experts in their own fields but lacking in these fundamental areas. Where larger businesses have entire departments devoted to strategic planning, legislative compliance and financial analysis, small businesses lack this access and these invaluable resources. This week we celebrate a small business - Ariston Global - who is playing a pivotal role in the success of many SMMEs by bridging this gap.
Celebrating Maid4U – From domestic worker to business owner
Nelson Mandela once said, 'It always seems impossible until it’s done.' For Lindiwe Shibambo, the founder and CEO of Maid4U, these words are especially profound. Lindiwe, a former domestic worker, is now the owner of a successful employment agency and has not only created 14 full-time and 4 part-time positions in her business, but is directly responsible for the training and placement of thousands of women in jobs that enable them to provide for their families.
Celebrating Crystal Garnet Bridal Boutique – Dreams can become reality
Many people dream of one day owning their own business but only few possess the resolve, vision and determination to make it a reality. Candice van Vooren, the owner of Crystal Garnet Bridal Boutique, is just such a person. From its inception, she had a clear vision of what she wanted and even created a dream wall (vision board) to help her stay focused. Crystal Garnet Bridal Boutique was launched on 7 August 2010 and officially registered on 21 October 2010. Candice remembers: 'My mom and I renovated her garage into a mini bridal boutique and that was where I consulted with clients on a part-time basis for about 3 ½ years, as I was still in full-time employment.' In April 2014 she submitted her resignation, went into business full-time and moved into a beautiful bridal boutique in Fourways, Johannesburg. This was a special boutique indeed, as it was the very image she had put on her dream wall two years prior. It was when this opportunity presented itself and the premises became available that she felt the timing was right to take the big leap of faith.
Celebrating Sweet Temptations Toffees – From home kitchen to household name
With Mother’s Day just a few days away we thought it fitting to celebrate a small business that found its origins in the heart of a home (the kitchen), with a mother simply wanting to delight her children with home-made sweet treats. Sweet Temptations Toffees is the brainchild of Anita Labuschagne, a mom and budding entrepreneur based in Somerset West. Her award winning small business specialises in handmade gourmet toffees and luxurious nougats. With their use of top quality ingredients and their striking, beautifully hand-wrapped packaging, Sweet Temptations Toffees has become a recognisable household brand throughout South Africa.
Celebrating Small Business: Oembotu Travel aka ‘The Johannesburg Squirrel’
Many of us have heard the saying, ‘From humble beginnings come great things.’ This is most certainly the case for Henri Otou and his business Oembutu Travel - a concierge, transfer and tour service in the heart of Johannesburg. For as long as he could remember, Henri has always been passionate about driving people to places. In 2002 during the World Summit in Johannesburg he was given the opportunity by the French Embassy to drive French VIPs around Gauteng and the North West. Six years later, what started as a hobby turned into a business and Oembotu travel aka 'The Johannesburg Squirrel' was born.
Celebrating Small Business: Cold Gold Artisan Ice-Cream & Sorbet
It has been said, ‘You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice-cream. And that’s kind of the same thing.’ This idea is at the heart of our featured #SmallBizFriday Business of the Week - Cold Gold Artisan Ice-Cream & Sorbet. Cold Gold creates speciality 100% natural ice-cream and sorbet. With over 800 flavours, free from preservatives, artificial flavouring, colouring and stabilisers, they also cater for a variety of dietary requirements including vegan, banting, low carb high fat, diabetic and paleo. This means that Cold Gold ice-cream truly is a guilt-free delight. What makes it even more noteworthy is that Cold Gold not only uses natural, local, seasonal ingredients but believes in supporting small local businesses, entrepreneurs and farmers as far as possible. Their aim is to empower them to grow their businesses as Cold Gold grows theirs.

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