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Small Business Friday

FJ Flavour Factory – Collaboration makes us stronger together

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – FJ Flavour Factory.

Fiona Anderson and her partner began FJ Flavour Factory in July 2018. They are a food manufacturer that focus on making spices, flavours, and nuts. They also sell herbs and spices. Furthermore, they see themselves as a solutions partner and facilitate the development, manufacturing, printing and packaging for various clients from feeding schemes to retail stores.

Fiona wanted to run her own business as she is driven and found working for someone else restrictive.  She loves everything about business but if she had to choose she enjoys the creativity of development and the structure of month-end processing.

Startwise – helping small businesses to start well

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Startwise.

Startwise’s mission is to help the next generation of entrepreneurs build successful start-ups by giving them access to leading industry business experts in South Africa. This platform offers an on-demand web-based application that matches entrepreneurs with experienced business mentors and industry professionals in South Africa. The platform is geared towards adding value by providing much-needed mentorship and business advice to help boost the growth of SMEs and small businesses.

Startwise is committed to working with their mentors to create valuable business resources and content, and to proactively support the mentorship journey of their community with shared knowledge and value-added services.

Velly Bosega started Startwise because of the struggles he faced when launching new products or businesses. Having struggled for months, or sometimes years, to do research and learn about new business ventures and models, he decided to build a community of entrepreneurs. His entrepreneurial journey into other businesses and related platforms eventually lead to the idea of building an innovative platform where entrepreneurs can search for the industry topics they need whilst finding experienced business professionals at the same time and connecting with them in a matter of minutes.

Table View Butchery – Building the economy, building local communities

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week - Table View Butchery.

Table View Butchery is a family-run butchery in the Table View and Parklands area. They have two retail stores, an online store and a wholesale section. Established in 1970, the butchery was taken over by Jose and Desarea Rebolo in 1999. They created a true local gem with their main focus on the retail stores.

Jonathan Rebolo joined the butchery at the tender age of 17. His father believed everything had to be worked for and no shortcuts were allowed. This instilled a good work ethic in Jonathan and showed him the true value of things.

Chepa Streetwear: Invest in yourself

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Chepa Streetwear.

Founded in August 2017, Chepa Streetwear is an African-print clothing manufacturer and retailer. They draw inspiration from modern designs and infuse them with African print paying great attention to detail and quality. One of the key factors for their success is manufacturing their own range. By owning this function, they can impact their local community by employing skilled individuals and the youth. They also can ensure they manufacture their product efficiently and that the quality is above the standard and on time.

Job Crystal – getting future generations out of poverty

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Job Crystal.

Job crystal is working towards making a dent in unemployment in South Africa. They aim to help SMEs hire better, faster, and cheaper so they can grow. This proudly South African business is also making waves worldwide as well as they have developed and offer recruitment technology that is revolutionary in finding talent faster than you can read this line.

Sasha Knott’s journey to entrepreneurship has been an interesting and challenging one. She started as a cashier, then worked her way up to waitress, and then became a programmer but decided she preferred people over computers and stepped into a leadership role. She continued to climb the corporate ladder and learnt a great deal from working with start-ups. This knowledge proved highly beneficial when she started Job Crystal.

Kicks Sportswear – making the business circle bigger

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – Kicks Sportswear.

Established near the start of 2021, Kicks Sportswear designs and produces proudly African, feel-good sportswear that offers a unique and competitive alternative to global sports brands. They design, innovate and create feel-good sportswear. Kicks Sportswear simply loves to produce great quality sportswear that their clients will love and enjoy. Whether they are a serious runner, a passionate sneakerhead, or both, a pair of Kicks is a must-have for anyone looking to flex on the track or outside of a fashion show.

Network Configurations – Great teamwork makes a business work

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured small business of the week - Network Configurations.

Established in 1995, Network Configurations (NETCONFIG) was a small IT support company, assisting businesses to implement IT networks and systems. Over the years they have grown to support their clients’ ever-changing needs and guide them on the journey of leveraging technology for their business gains. They have created three distinct business units to ensure end-to-end service delivery of technology and business solutions.

It’s SPRING – but more importantly, today is #AbsaSmallBizFriday

Make a big deal out of small businesses with #AbsaSmallBizFriday. For the 11th year in a row, South Africans have come together in a spirit of “each one, reach one”, and to show the world how important small businesses and entrepreneurs are to our country and the greater global economy.

Mike Anderson, Founder & CEO of the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), says #AbsaSmallBizFriday gives every person the opportunity of boosting a small business, countrywide. “We’re asking South Africans to buy from a small business; tell a friend about a small business they’ve supported; and shout it out on social media that we care about small business because they serve us and employ us.”

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Made by Mosaic – creating hope, one job at a time

In this interview, we find out more about Terry Niemack (Manager of Made By Mosaic), her business journey, and why she believes South Africa should support small business.

Made by Mosaic is part of Mosaic Community Developments which is a NPO working with foster families taking care of orphaned and vulnerable children.  They are situated in Potchefstroom and work with members from the community of Ikageng.

Made By Mosaic makes beautiful handmade leather, canvas and fabric products as well as upcycled PVC products. They train and upskill their foster moms so that they can support their families as well as have opportunities outside of Made By Mosaic.

Visit their online store here

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