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How small and medium businesses can access on-demand IT project support

Ambitious small and medium businesses (SMBs) know the importance of modernizing their systems—it can help them better serve customersunderstand trends, and enhance security to name just a few benefits. Brazil-based software firm 4Asset is a provider of software solutions and tools for customers working with the territorial and socio-environmental regulatory processes of land management. They partnered with Amazon Web Services to develop a plan for modernizing and scaling their company, enabling faster deployment, and ensuring a stronger security. We talked with 4Asset’s Director of Products and Technology, Maurício Fiorese, about the company’s cloud journey.

What type of cloud IT support does my small or medium business need?

Article written by by Jody Balarin and Tiago Souza (Amazon Web Services)

Cloud computing has become an essential investment for small and medium businesses (SMBs) modernizing their operations, but knowing how to support it can be its own challenge. Compared to on-premises hardware, the cloud allows businesses to be more flexible in a variety of ways: stronger securitylower costs, and better operational efficiency to name a few. Amazon Web Services provides customers with a solid platform on which to build and grow their business in the contemporary digital landscape, without having to undertake the undifferentiated heavy lifting of maintaining legacy infrastructure.

Digital transformation impact on businesses within South Africa

Article written by Deirdre Fryer (Head of Solutions Engineering - SYSPRO Africa)

Digital transformation is changing the ways businesses operate throughout the world. New technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics, already have had a profound impact on the world’s economies and continue to disrupt industries.

Recognising this potential, government strategies today are emphasizing the role of digital in accelerating economic diversification, promoting sustainability and ensuring citizen happiness. Digitalization has been identified as a pillar that will support the future digital economies on the continent.

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