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Mind matters: leadership secrets for high-performance teams

Navigating any small business brings its share of challenges, from financial hurdles to competitive pressures and even just the infinite daily grind. Amidst all of this, it's easy to overlook subtle yet critical factors - like mental health. Essential for both leaders and their teams, mental well-being is pivotal to your company's overall success. This is not an uncommon topic, but we’re adding a spin to it here in this article.

We’re going to explore the connection between mental health and mental performance and take a look at how different leadership styles can either support or hinder the well-being and productivity of individuals. Let’s dive in.

Leading your business in challenging times

Article written by Pieter Scholtz (ActionCOACH - Country Partner)

As we experience interruptions and curveballs in our businesses, it struck me that where we find ourselves now is not very different to where we were in early 2020 at the start of the pandemic. 

The major difference is that the pandemic brought about a sudden existential threat to life as we had known it at the time, whereas, where we find ourselves now is because of a series of “shocks” or challenges, that, if put together result in a major loss of confidence. It is a classic example of the frog in the water container that is being warmed up; at first, we don’t really notice the change in temperature, until it is too late.

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