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Managing a business

The 2024 Office – balancing flexibility and collaboration

The futurist, Alvin Toffler, said we must “learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

The office space is an area that management has to be flexible about if they want to attract and retain young, vibrant employees. It’s no good thinking what has worked for many years, is still the way it works today.

Future office spaces are shaped by a delicate balance between flexibility and collaboration. As technology continues to redefine the workplace, the debate between working from the office and working from home continues.

Keep your fleet in top condition: Volkswagen’s EasyDrive service and maintenance plans

Keep your fleet in top condition: Volkswagen's EasyDrive service and maintenance plans

The truth is…

Things go wrong. No matter how many predictions, plans, and contingencies we make, Murphy’s law tends to poke its head around every corner at the worst of times. When you’re managing a fleet of commercial vehicles, you know that roads have bumps, cracks, and potholes. But there isn’t a box you can simply tick to solve the many inarguable realities of transport. The realities that damage stock, delay deliveries, and run you behind when you’ve already planned ahead. Well, there wasn’t…

Ways in which collaboration with CIPC spread education and awareness to customers and the public

Ways in which collaboration with CIPC spread education and awareness to customers and the public

Collaboration and partnership with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) can effectively spread education and awareness to the broader public and customers. Since the inception of the Companies Act 71 of 2008, CIPC has partnered with various institutions in both public and the private sector. Below are some of the collaborations with the CIPC the has proven to be of value not to only ourselves as an organisation, but value for the partner and ultimately value to our end users.

Turning poor leadership habits into strengths

Turning poor leadership habits into strengths, how do you do this?

In the previous article, we explored the negative impact of poor leadership habits on employee productivity. Go to part 1 of the article here.

Now, in part 2, we will focus on how to turn those habits into strengths and improve the overall work culture.

If you or your managers have been guilty of these bad habits; all is not lost.

Fortunately, people are adaptable, and even if there has previously been poor leadership behaviour, it’s easy to change the situation.

The most common reason for small business failure in South Africa

Market access is key for any growing business in a competitive business landscape.

However, for small businesses, expanding market access and growing their customer base can be difficult, especially when there are large clients to be serviced.

The small business sector is a critical part of any country’s successful economy.

However, in South Africa, small businesses tend to struggle with a high failure rate. In fact, South Africa has one of the highest SMME failure rates globally.

The role of Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in ensuring compliance with legislation

The CIPC’s mandate is to give effect to legislation related to corporate registration, market conduct regulation and surveillance as well as Intellectual Property rights protection.

This involves facilitating the process of registering companies and co-operatives as well as ensuring compliance with the requirements set out in the Companies Act. This includes verifying the information provided by companies to ensure that it meets the necessary legal criteria for registration. The CIPC also monitors compliance and one of the prescripts provide for corporates to file annual returns to prove that these are active entities. This process has been made simpler through automation, making it easier for customers to be compliant using CIPC’s online platforms to submit correct accounting records and comply with disclosure and reporting obligations.

Contract agreements for remote work employees

Employees who work remotely may be required to sign an agreement confirming expectations regarding their schedule, timekeeping, remote work environment, data/information security and other matters specific to their position.

An example: “Remote employees must be available and engaged in work activities during the schedule agreed upon in their contract. If an employee wishes to adopt different working hours, they must provide written approval from their manager. Some companies might also want employees to inform colleagues if they leave their desks for any reason, even lunch. Just to keep their team updated.”

Business Insurance for SMEs in South Africa

Article written by Thabo Twalo (Chief Underwriting Officer - Santam Broker Solutions)

Protecting your business

Starting a small business in South Africa can be both exciting and daunting. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a major role in the South African economy. Making up 98% of businesses and employ an estimated 50% to 60% of the country’s workforce across all sectors. When natural and social disasters strike communities, small businesses take the brunt of the economic impact as witnessed with COVID19, the Kwazulu-Natal floods and social riots and looting that took place in 2022.

In a world that is changing rapidly, it is critical that the owners and operators of SMEs prioritise risk mitigation not only to protect themselves but also as a means of protecting the economy. In this kind of environment, knowing how to navigate the complex nature of risk is a vital part of any businesses’ plans to remain future-fit.

Ways to improve your chances of small business funding success

It is common for small business owners to apply for funding and not qualify. Almost 10% don't meet the criteria, according to alternate business funder, GroWise Capital.

Small businesses face intense challenges trying to access funding but can dramatically increase their chances of getting the vital funding they need.

Jonti Strimling, Co-founder and Chief Risk Officer of GroWise Capital, unpacks ways to improve your chances of business funding success.

5 big events impacting local small businesses in May

The first four months of 2024 have not gone by without challenges, and as the year progresses small businesses have had no choice but to go along with it.

This month’s SME Forecast compiled by Miguel da Silva, managing executive at Retail Capital, a division of TymeBank, takes a wider look at the significant impact international and local events are having on South African businesses.

“The world is so intimately connected, that while it might feel like we are watching things unfold from afar, the reality is that everything we see impacts how we do business,” says da Silva. “Understanding the wider world puts us in a stronger position to manage the ripple effects that come our way, not to mention being acutely aware of what is happening at home.”

Here are the top five events SMEs need to be aware of going into May:

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