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Managing a business

How small and medium businesses can access on-demand IT project support

Ambitious small and medium businesses (SMBs) know the importance of modernizing their systems—it can help them better serve customersunderstand trends, and enhance security to name just a few benefits. Brazil-based software firm 4Asset is a provider of software solutions and tools for customers working with the territorial and socio-environmental regulatory processes of land management. They partnered with Amazon Web Services to develop a plan for modernizing and scaling their company, enabling faster deployment, and ensuring a stronger security. We talked with 4Asset’s Director of Products and Technology, Maurício Fiorese, about the company’s cloud journey.

The impact of supporting women-led businesses

A guide presented by Mastercard

Women continue to break the barriers and are reshaping the SME industry that has historically been dominated by men. Despite various disparities in opportunities, there's a growing recognition of the importance of supporting women-led businesses in South Africa and beyond. This involves not only celebrating their uniqueness but also actively investing in their ventures to ensure women's sustainable participation in the economy.

6 basic skills every entrepreneur needs to develop

Becoming an entrepreneur can be an exciting and daunting venture at the same time. With all the relative freedom to do as you please comes the real test; do you have the courage to push through the tough times and do you have the basic skills to succeed at being an entrepreneur or to improve your entrepreneurial journey?

Here are six basic skills to develop on your journey as an entrepreneur.

When the going gets tough…it’s time to get going

Article written by Harry Welby-Cooke (ActionCOACH)

Let’s not pretend. Times are tough.  A failing economy, escalating costs, load shedding, geopolitical tensions and elections coming up in 2024 - to name a few challenges.

So how do we keep our heads down and our businesses afloat? Often, the same strategies that help achieve success during ‘easier’ years still largely apply – albeit with a heightened focus.

How to develop executive presence

Executive presence. What is it? Is it something only for the chief officer of companies, leaders or people who have been in business for a while? The short answer is no. Executive presence is a skill that people can fine-tune, and it may take some time, but anyone can have executive presence. Let’s take a closer look at what it entails and how you can work on having a better executive presence in your space.

The how, where and what of trade mark registration for SMMEs in South Africa (Part 3): What happens after the initial trade mark application process?

Article written by Ms Fleurette Coetzee (Senior Manager: Trade Marks Division – CIPC) & Mr Sher-Muhammad Khan, Trade Marks Examiner, Trade Marks Division – CIPC)

In the dynamic world of business, safeguarding and protecting your brand (trade mark) is paramount.

This rings especially true in South Africa, where the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) plays a pivotal role in the trade mark registration process. In this last instalment in our series of articles on trade marks and SMMEs, we delve into what unfolds after the initial trade mark application process, shedding light on the subsequent procedures until the point of registration of the trade mark application.

Prospecting: The last thing that many sales people want to do

In the world of sales, prospecting is often the unsung hero – the secret sauce that can fix everything, yet it's the last thing many salespeople want to do.

Picture this: after another month of missing his sales target, a weary salesman returns home to tuck his 5-year-old daughter into bed. As he listens to her innocent prayers, he realizes it's time to seek divine intervention for his sales woes.

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