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Managing a business

COVID-19 Funding Relief landscape in South Africa

Article By Riaan Petersen (Head of Business Banking Segment Solutions, Absa Retail and Business Bank)

The recent global health crisis has many of us deeply concerned about the health and wellbeing of our family, friends and employees. Not to mention the impact it has on us as business owners. We may consider a multitude of strategies, tactics and angles, but at the end of the day it effectively comes down to one thing – the lifeblood of our businesses…cashflow! 

There is little doubt there will be a drop in revenue over the coming months, attributed to the forced and potentially protracted lockdown period. The knock-on effect of this will inevitably be a drop in demand across sectors like travel and tourism, retail and entertainment. Coupled with this, many suppliers may have already had to shut down their production. As others grapple with how to transport goods both locally and across borders

Cybersecurity best practice in an online world

Article provided by Westcon 

Businesses today face an unprecedented number of threats to their data, infrastructure, and systems. Cybersecurity has become one of the most integral components of any digital transformation strategy as the threat landscape is evolving as quickly as the technology developed to protect companies. As more organisations start embracing the cloud, the one question remains – will my data be safe?

These concerns are warranted.

Business productivity for a digital age

Article provided by Westcon

Despite all the innovations and advantages the digital age brings, companies of all sizes and industry sectors must contend with significantly increased competition from not only local service providers but global ones as well. This is putting the pressure on management to ensure employees remain as productive as possible to deliver that vital advantage in a cluttered market.

The cloud has certainly assisted in this regard by providing access to innovations that were previously only available to those large corporates with big budgets. Just consider how the cloud has democratised technology by allowing SMEs to use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and even the Internet of Things (IoT) to produce more compelling products based on having better insights into what customers want.

Your home office: What is allowable and how much?

Article provided by Paymaster

The way we work today has changed considerably. Old-school management scoffed at the once, seemingly impossible idea of a virtual commute that new-school employees would be traveling into work-cyberspace. Much to the surprise of the old-school, today however, the virtual commute into work-cyberspace has become a reality for many employees.

There are a growing number of ‘office-based’ employees now working from home—their own home office is well established and geared for productive commercial engagement with clients and fellow employees alike. It’s true and it’s here to stay: many employees are now working from home.

Commission only: could this save your salespeople during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Article by Mark Keating from SalesGuru

Companies will need sales people more than ever when we get through this difficult time. Yet, the ability of some businesses to retain the salary costs of their sales force is real and will become larger over the coming weeks.

I’m not a HR expert and don’t claim to be but let me share my thoughts on the options:

How to stay productive during the COVID-19 lockdown

Article provided by PayFast

Life as we knew it changed at midnight on Thursday, 26th March when President Ramaphosa announced a three week country-wide lockdown in an attempt to flatten the COVID-19 curve. While people working in essential industries such as healthcare and food production were exempted, for the majority of us we found ourselves in an unprecedented situation where we weren’t allowed to leave our homes unless to stock up on essential supplies such as food and medicine, or to seek medical care.

While it’s true that unprecedented times come with unprecedented measures, as a human race we are quick to adapt, innovate and make the most of any situation that we find ourselves in. Being a tech company, we at PayFast were able to quickly adapt to the self-distancing measures by allowing our employees to work from home.

Coronavirus necessitates new ways of doing business

Article by Riaan Petersen (Head of Business Banking Segment Solutions, Absa Retail and Business Bank)

Governments across the world are taking drastic measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. At the time of writing this article, the virus affected 199 countries and territories, 536.6k confirmed cases, 24.1k deaths and 124.4k recoveries. There are now more than 2,400 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across Africa and growing warnings that the pandemic will cause major challenges for the continent’s under-resourced health services.

We are bombarded with statistics and opinions about the disastrous impact of the disease on economies, stock markets and of course humanity as we know it. Panic sets in and we find ourselves behaving irrationally and making uninformed short term decisions that could potentially harm your health, investments and the sustainability of your business.  

3 future-proofing technologies to transform your business

Article provided by SYSPRO

Small businesses are in a tough situation. They are under pressure to implement new technologies to stay competitive in today’s fast-moving tech-savvy environment, while facing new problems which are constantly changing the way we do business.

Many small business owners find today's biggest tech trends – such as cloud computing, AI and data analytics – complicated. However, these technologies, when used correctly, have the power to protect your business from the unknown.

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