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Managing a business

Freelancers or employees: which should you hire?
Freelancers or employees? This is one of the questions which crosses an entrepreneur’s mind when they start a business or decide to expand. The answer you will get most of the time is that it depends. Are you a retail shop? Then you will need to employ full-time and part-time staff. Are you a graphic design studio with a big project? Then you may want to consider hiring freelancers for the expertise you may lack to do the project. Here are the benefits and risks of hiring either an employee or a freelancer.
Business Processes: Finding the right ones for your small business
Whether you are a small business or a multinational company you need to have business processes in place to ensure the smooth running of your enterprise. Business processes help to automate and give people direction in what they should be doing in their various departments. By putting these processes in place, you will be able to free up time to focus on how to move your company forward. Remember that processes are dynamic and they will adapt as your business grows. Furthermore, they will help you to get funding from potential investors when they see how organised you are. Here are four key processes to consider developing for your small business.
How to create the best possible quotation
Article written by Jannie Rossouw, Head: Sanlam Business Market When a prospective client invites us to do a quotation we need to realise that this is when the tackie hits the tarmac. This is when our marketing and word-of-mouth endeavours can materialise into tangible outcomes or not. If we get this action wrong we have wasted the time, effort and money that got us to this point. This article serves as a check list of the elements and packaging of a quotation that will give us a fighting chance of winning a tender or job.
To discount or not to discount: what should your small business do?
There are a wide variety of aspects to think about when you consider discounting your product or service. It is important to focus on the end goal for the discount. In addition, you should have a good idea of your gross margin, mark-up and break-even point. If you are not aware of these when you consider discounting your product, you could be running at a loss. Another consideration is what type of business are you running? Here are the benefits and risks to discounting your product or service.

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